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 Christening Blog   
Wednesday, June 15 2016
Top 5 Baby Christening Gifts

Top 5 Baby Christening Gifts

By: John Smith

Buying the ultimate baby christening gifts can often present more of a challenge than you might expect. Although there are a wide variety of fantastic gifts on offer, it can be difficult to find something that is truly unique and special as the standard rattles, bedding and baby-grows are hard to avoid. As finding real presents with presence can be so hard, many people are trying to create their own innovative gifts and personalize presents imaginatively. With so many options for customization and personalization, it is now easier than ever to create the perfect present for the newborn. Below is a list of five fantastic baby christening gifts which are sure to be presents that will be treasured.

(1) One of the most fail-safe and yet fantastic baby christening gifts is that of the photo present. Typically silver photo frames are given for photos of the newborn and the proud parents. These are nice ideas but often many are given and all are very similar. To set yours apart from the rest, you can have a nice frame - or even a multi-photo frame - engraved with a special personalized message from the heart. Similarly, an engraved photo album can be a great keepsake as it becomes filled with photos of the new baby as it grows up. For a great christening gift, an already-filled photo album with images of relatives, special buildings and family friends is perfect for really capturing the era for both parents and child.

(2) For an unusual and special christening gift, different presents such as adopting a wild animal, donating money to a relevant charity on behalf of the baby or giving money to a baby of the same age in a different country are fantastic ideas. These humanitarian presents are a great way of giving something back and ensuring you give a really special gift. Some people have also named stars on behalf of their loved ones, created a rose on behalf of the recipient or even had trees planted in honour of the baby.

(3) Many people are also now giving long-term presents which are presents more for the child as they grow up as opposed to for the child as a baby. For example, a bottle of wine created from the year of birth is a popular present as it will have matured by their eighteenth birthday when they can drink it. Engraved wine glasses are also popular, as are personalized pens. Similarly, engraved jewelry in an adult size is a great present that they can admire as they grow until they are old enough to wear it. Boys are typically given personalized watches or cufflinks and for girls, pendant necklaces or an engraved bracelet are popular choices.

(4) A fun and practical personalized present idea is that of a personalized calendar. Creating your own calendar with family photos, important dates and personal messages is a really unique gift and a great way to jazz up the nursery with something really special. It is also practical for the new mum and dad as they can chart measurements and events and use it to remember baby-related appointments. You can also have clothing or nursery accessories such as clocks, trinket boxes or money boxes personalized so that the baby has a practical item for use but also something cute they can keep as a memento in later life.

(5) It is also now becoming popular to buy presents that are actually more for the new proud parents than for the baby. Suited to a bigger budget, many friends and relatives are buying parents an experience day getaway so they can be pampered and preened and enjoy a bit of time for themselves. This is a great present as it not only gives the parents a well-deserved break and some quality time alone, but it is also flexible as they can choose when they arrange it for. Other experience days such as family portrait experiences are also great, allowing the parents to capture some of their baby's first moments and the joy of having a new member of the family. For friends and relatives on a smaller budget, a pampering gift set with bath salts, indulgent foods and a fun DVD can be a great homemade present, especially if combined with the offer of a bit of babysitting so the new parents can enjoy a bit of time together.

(6) With the option for personalizing so many items from multi-photo photo frames to crystal champagne flutes and with so many innovative and imaginative presents on offer, as this top 5 list shows, it doesn't have to be too difficult to find unique baby christening gifts with presence.

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