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 Christening Blog   
Sunday, February 28 2016

Christening Party

A christening or baptism party should be a very special day for parents, child and family. The christening or baptism of a baby or child is a universal initiation rite of the Christian religion involving the sprinkling of water on the child's forehead or immersion in water, symbolizing the washing away of sins. At these ceremonies parents and godparents pledge their intentions to teach the child the basic principles and values based on religious teachings in the presence of family and close friends. Today this ceremony is also associated with the taking of a name to symbolize new life. There is no particular recommendation on a specific age when a child should be christened or baptized. In many instances people who have found religion late in life are baptized as adults.

Christening and naming ceremonies are a time when families and close friends get together to celebrate the occasion. A christening or baptism starts with a religious service at which the child is introduced into the Church. And, because this ceremony is often part of a Church service, the celebration party that follows is in the afternoon or evening. Non-religious parents, on the other hand, welcome their child into the world and publicly voice their intentions for the benefit of the family.

The planning of a christening or baptism should take place well in advance of the ceremony. The date of the celebration will depend on the date that the church service will take place. Parents should contact the Church to make arrangements.

In many Churches the godparents play an important role in the ceremony, so make sure that the godparents are well informed of the different events of the day. The next step is to send invitations. Invite friends and family for whom you have a high regard and who might play a strong positive role in the life of your child. Include information of the sequence of events of the day: venues, dress code and directions. If you intend going to a restaurant, book early.

The child should wear a nice white outfit. Make the outfit yourself or have the child’s outfit made. If a baby is being christened, take into account that babies grow fast and might outgrow the outfit before the ceremony.

When planning the party, keep it simple. The location of your party will depend on the number of guests and the type of party you intend having. A simple, small and casual get-together is often the best way to go and can be fun and memorable. A party in a local park, weather permitting, could turn out to be a fun way to celebrate.

Plan games and food well in advance. If there will be a number of children, arranging specific entertainment for them is a good idea: for instance a clown, magician or jumping castle. For the younger children, an area where they will find toys, coloring books and games is a nice touch. Older kids might enjoy a DVD.

Remember to arrange the photography. Today disposable cameras are cheap and readily available. Buy a few and hand them to a few of your guests and instruct them to take photos. Now wait for the surprise snap shots.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Friday, February 26 2016

Twin Baptism Gifts

By Thomas Craughwell, eHow Contributor

  1.  If you have been invited to a baptism, you should plan to present the child with a gift. If the parents have asked you to be the child's godfather or godmother, then you should choose a special gift that is within your means. A christening cup, for example, is a traditional gift from a godparent. If the baptism is for twins, the occasion calls for a gift that works well in pairs.

Christening Cups

  1. There is a long-standing tradition of a godparent presenting his or her newly baptized godchild with a christening cup. Made of silver or pewter, these cups are available in a variety of styles, including little tankards. Since the cups are intended as heirlooms, you can make them even more special by having them engraved with the twins' names and their date of birth or baptism. You can find christening cups at jewelry stores and at stores that specializes in silver or pewter.

Picture Frames

  1. Families and friends take many photos at a christening. It is not unusual for the parents to take the child to a photography studio for a professional portrait of the baby in his or her christening gown. Keepsake picture frames are available in silver, pewter and porcelain. Once again, you can personalize your gift by having the frames engraved with the babies' names and date of birth or baptism. Of course, porcelain cannot be engraved, but it may be possible to have names and dates painted onto the frames. Ask the owner or manager of the frame shop how a porcelain frame can be personalized.

Holy Medals or Statues

  1. If the twins' family is Catholic, it is appropriate to give each child a silver or gold holy medal, or a porcelain or wooden holy statue. If the children are being given traditional saints' names, you can give a holy medal or statue of that saint. If the children have contemporary names such as Tyler or Morgan, then present them with medals or statues of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. It is a Catholic custom to take religious articles to a priest to be blessed, and the family will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you have your gifts blessed before the baptismal ceremony.

christening gowns, christening outfits

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Wednesday, February 24 2016

Homemade Christening Cakes

As with all significant life-stage events, marking the occasion of your child’s christening or baptism with a cake is a popular tradition. Unlike birthday cakes, the naming day event has additional significance so christening cakes tend to be more like wedding cakes than party or birthday cakes. Customizable in a variety of flavors and decorations, christening cakes can range from the simple sheet cake to extravagant stacked tiers.

History of Christening:
Baptism, or christening, became a Christian right of passage following the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan in the Middle East. It was said to represent purification and the washing away of sin, so that the individual was free to enter the kingdom of God and the practice was readily adopted by early Christians.

Traditionally the celebration of the christening marks the day the child is formally accepted into the religious community. The occasion is often marked by the child receiving a Christian name and is attended by the child’s family members, friends and others who pledge to take a prominent role in the child’s spiritual development.

The ceremony, which often takes place in a church and is conducted by an ordained member of the church, is then usually followed by a luncheon or dinner party hosted by the child’s parents and family. Gifts, that are also intended to guide or help the child in life, are given by attendees.

One of the central elements to this celebration is the christening cake. Christening cakes can take a variety of sizes and shapes and are usually decorated with white icing accented with pastel colors.

Christian Cross Cake:
One simple, yet elegant, and very traditional shape for a christening cake is to mould the cake in the shape of a cross. To do this you can bake your cake in a regular sheet pan. Once cooled, the cake can be cut and formed into the shape of a cross and decorated with your favorite icing. Spread vanilla butter cream or royal icing in a thin layer over the entire surface area of the cake. Use food coloring to lightly tint some extra frosting and use a piping bag fitted with a star tip to pipe a decorative border.

Tiered Christening Cake:
For larger parties, you may consider making a multi-tier christening cake. Tier cakes can be made wit either round or rectangle cakes or a combination of both. Bake your cakes, allow them to cool and cover with icing. Arrange the cakes in size order starting with the largest on the bottom to the smallest on top. If necessary, you can insert wooden dowels for support. This is a good idea if you are using a heavy cake such as fruit or mud cake to form your tiers.

Once the tiers are secured in place, decorate the christening cake layers with colored icing, candies, flowers or fresh fruit. A ribbon around the base of each layer helps to tidy up any messy joins. Use pins to secure the ribbon but be sure to remove them before serving.

Modern christening cakes can take nearly any shape or form; they no longer need to be presented in the shape of a cross. Visit your local craft store to see what kinds of moulds or baking pans are available.

Cupcake Christening Cake:
Another nice idea is to make a cupcake christening cake, formed of individual cupcakes that are stacked on tiers or stands to resemble the traditional tiered cake. Cupcakes can be made with traditional cake batter divided into individual paper lined baking cups. Once cooled, these mini cakes can be decorated with traditional butter cream and sprinkles.

For more experienced cake bakers, you can create a tiered cake covered in fondant. Ready to use fondant is widely available in baking supply stores and can be molded into various shapes or colored with food coloring but can be difficult to work with, so inexperienced bakers and decorators might need to practice a bit. Fondant can be cut into whimsical shapes such as hearts, crosses, polka dots and more.

Article Source:
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, February 22 2016

Christening Etiquette for Godmothers

By Tamiya King, eHow Contributor

Being asked to be a godmother is a huge honor and is a wonderful way to bond with the newest baby in your family or circle of close friends. As the godmother, you should be aware of certain rules of etiquette, so the ceremony will be especially memorable.

Attending the Ceremony

  1. Godmothers are expected to attend the christening of their godchildren, even if they live out of town. It is best to make travel arrangements as far in advance as possible, as a godmother is usually aware of her role before the baby is born or shortly after the birth. Traditionally, two godmothers are chosen if the child is a girl, and both should be present for the ceremony if possible. If a godmother is not able to attend, it is acceptable etiquette to ask another woman who is close to the family to act as a stand-in for the christening. However, godmother "duties" are not transferred to the stand-in.

Standing with Family

  1. The godmother is expected to stand with the parents during the christening as a sign of support. It is common for the godmother to stand closest to the parents and the baby, while additional family members surround the infant. Some parents may choose to have the godmother stand during the part in the ceremony where the presiding member of clergy asks if the godmother is committed to caring for the child as her own if anything should happen to the infant's parents.

Holding the Baby

  1. Godmothers may have the privilege of holding the infant while the baby is being baptized or given his Biblical name. The godmother may also hold the child while the prayer or blessing is being said for the infant. It is also common for the godmother to hold the baby while the parents of the child are participating in other parts of the ceremony, such as repeating vows presented by the clergy.

Christening Readings

  1. The baby's parents may request that the godmother provide a reading that is dedicated to the infant at the christening. A short poem or heartfelt sentiment expressing the godmother's love for the child and commitment to providing support for the baby throughout life is appropriate. Godmothers can also read Bible verses or religious passages that reflects both the joy and seriousness of the occasion.

Christening Presents

  1. The godmother is often the woman who buys the most elaborate gift for the baby, especially if the child is female. In some cases, the godmother will have a hand in selecting the infant's christening outfit or will purchase the blanket or bonnet that the baby wears for the ceremony. Other gifts from the godmother are given after the christening and can include a crib or additional furniture for the nursery or a monetary gift, such as a significant contribution to the child's college fund.

christening gowns, christening outfits

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Wednesday, February 17 2016

Baby naming day ceremonies are relatively new and the ceremony itself uses poems and readings which are usually provided/suggested by the celebrant/registrar. Provided here are naming day poems/verses to be used on a Baby Naming Day greetings card or scrapbook.  

A small child
So precious and sweet,
Has come into your lives
To make them complete.
Today is so special
In every which way
Enjoy baby (name)'s
Special Naming Day


Today is your Naming Ceremony
Best wishes, this card, sends
As you're named (Robert James)
Before family and friends


For your baby's Naming Ceremony
Best wishes, this card, sends
As (Robert James) is named
Before family and friends


On your baby naming day
May all your wishes come true
May baby (James) enjoy his day
And may all be perfect for you

christening gowns, christening outfits

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Sunday, February 14 2016

How The Christening Gown Came To Be
by: SarahMcGallan

Until the seventeenth century, young babies were carried to the font in a "bearing cloth"; a large square piece of silk, edged with trimmings of gold lace and braid and wrapped tightly in swaddling clothes.

The Christening robe, as we know it today, evolved in the mid-eighteenth century when babies were freed of swaddling at an earlier age. In white silk, the earliest surviving examples have a front opening which was either fastened with ribbon ties or left open to show a petticoat beneath. The decorative curving lines of braid are similar to those applied to women's gowns of the period.

Made in the same style as every day eighteenth century boys and girls, the first Christening robes wore worn by both boys and girls. Boys and girls wore "slip" dresses; these dresses had a very long flowing skirt which fell from a short bodice and a low neck and short sleeves. Other items such as bonnets and bootees could be made to go with the robe. A number of exquisite Christening sets survived from the seventeenth and eighteenth century, these included bibs, mittens, pincushion covers, head bands and handkerchiefs in embroidered linen.

Victorian babies were dressed in gowns which were beautifully decorated with Ayrshire work. Ayrshire is an exquisite form of white-on-white embroidery that originated in the Scottish Lowlands.

An old Scottish custom was to pin a piece of shortbread to the Christening robe and was to be worn for the duration of the ceremony. Afterwards, if an unmarried girl ate the shortbread, she was sure to dream of her future husband that very night. It was also deemed necessary that the baby sleep in its Christening robe for the first night after the baptism in order to bring good luck and good health in the future.

An ageless tradition

The same fashion has remained popular for Christenings ever since. This is partly due to the tradition of handling Christening robes down from one generation to the next, so that dozens of babies may wear the same gown over many years.

If your family has no tradition of an antique gown, you can begin this tradition for future generations with a gown from our range of traditionally made gowns, composed of fine natural pure silk and embellished with exquisite embroidery and tucking.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Thursday, February 11 2016

Essential Tips for Choosing And Writing A Baptism Thank You Card
By: Geraldine Jozefiak

Choosing and writing a Baptism Thank You card has never been more difficult. The days of the plain baptism thank you card are numbered. They've been overtaken by an array of colorful, and personalized cards that help us show appreciation for the kindness shared on our baby's special day.

Now you can, if you choose have your own photograph of baby immortalized on individual Baptism Thank You cards. Various companies allow you to add Baptism details along with a choice of other embellishments.

Personalized cards though aren't everyone's choice. Some of us still resort to the old-fashioned' pen and paper letter writing route. Whilst this of course is still a great option, you may like to choose some special textured paper on which to share your gratitude for gifts received. It's a joy to write on special paper, especially as it is paper selected especially for this one occasion.

Don't forget to buy sufficient paper and matching envelopes for your needs. Some of us write 'large' so you may find yourself using two sheets. That's even more likely if you chose small sized paper.

If you've a creative streak you may prefer to make your own special handmade thank you cards. This would really give you a chance to be inventive. If you've got the time, this is a great idea. You could personalize some bought cards with your own touch of ribbon or bow etc.

Thank you cards for baby's Baptism or Naming Day may be one time when you want to 'push the boat out'. What kind of special card could you choose or create that would help you celebrate the day?

The event is certainly a notable one in yours, your baby's, and the larger family group's memory. Marking the occasion with some well-chosen cards will be something that you can all look back on in the years to come.

It's worth spending a bit of time looking around at what's available so as not to limit your options. Don't be tempted to rush for the bog standard' off-the-shelf pre-package, unless that of course suits your budget, and your emotions. Think about the part the thank you card plays in rounding off' the special event
in your lives.

Whilst it is you the parent writing the cards, you do so on behalf of your little one. As such, you're building his/her relationship with those who have given gifts. Baptism Thank You Card wording is equally important.

As you're building his/her standing within your family community, your choice of the right Baptism - or Christening Thank You Card (as it's also known) is worth a longer look.

Once you've got your card, choosing the appropriate Baptism Thank You Card wording can often prove a challenge. This is especially so for first time parents keen to do things right'.

Religious etiquette suggests that baptism thank you cards should be sent no more than two weeks after the ceremony or service. As it's customary to give gifts on these important occasions you may have a number of thank you cards to write.

If you haven't already done so, it's a good idea to make a list of who has given you what. That way you can be specific and personal in thanking people for their kind thoughts and presents.

Mention the gift itself, how you and your baby are enjoying it and using it, or how they will use it in the future (if it is a gift for a later stage in life). You may mention how lovely it was to see them at the baptism itself if they were able to attend.

Those who haven't chosen personalized photo card often attach a photo to their card or letter.

If you have some idea how much you might write before hand then this could affect the size of card you choose. Your handwriting may be exuberant and large, requiring more space than someone who writes small. Thinking about this early on is always a good idea.

Finally, when you sign off, add all your names, you, your partner's and of course baby's. Everyone loves to see baby's name on the card, and as proud parents, it gives you another chance to write baby's name!

It's also wise to order your Baptism Thank You cards or Christening Thank you Cards along with the Birth Announcement and Baptism Cards to ensure a continuity of design style.

Article Source:

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Monday, February 08 2016

Preserving an Heirloom

Most of Christening Essentials items are tagged with a notice about our heirloom preservation bags. We stock these bags as a service to our customers. The plastic vinyl keepsake bags we ship in are great for display, but can actually promote discoloration over an extended period. Our heirloom preservations bags have been developed through consultation with archivists on the best way to store heirloom clothing articles. Archivists indicate that the sealing technique done by dry cleaners has little advantage over an heirloom preservation bag option. An heirloom preservation bag not only preserves the item but leaves it accessible for show and reminiscence.

Christening Essentials offers the bags in two sizes for christening and communion articles. Our bags are developed to address all three important elements of preservation; (1) light contamination, (2) dust contamination, (3) chemical contamination. The heirloom preservation bag will minimize yellowing and other problems to the best extent possible.

christening gowns, christening outfits

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Friday, February 05 2016

Christening Invitations

Information required for the Christening Invitation!

Who - Who is hosting the event and who is being invited
Where - Where the event is being held
Why - The reason for the celebration
When - The Date and the Time of the event
How - How to reply!
Contact info (address or, if an informal invite, telephone number, FAX or email address)
RSVP requesting a formal written reply or
Informal reply by telephone, FAX or email

Sample Christening Invitation

You are invited to
 join us for the Christening of
Gabriel Michael

The Place: St Andrew's, Tempe, AZ

The Date:  Sunday June 25, 2009

The Time: 12.30PM in the afternoon

and afterwards for lunch at

The Buttes,
2000 W Westcourt Way, Tempe, AZ

R.S.V.P. Tel: Lisa 480.555.1234
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Wednesday, February 03 2016

Letter to a Godchild (To Adam)
by S T Coleridge, July 1834

My Dear Godchild

I offer up the same fervent prayer for you now, as I did kneeling before the altar, when you were baptized into Christ, and solemnly received as a living member of His spiritual body, the Church.

Years must pass before you will be able to read with an understanding heart what I now write; but I trust that the all-gracious God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, who, by his only begotten Son, (all mercies in one sovereign mercy!) has redeemed you from the evil ground, and willed you to be born out of darkness, but into light — out of death, but into life — out of sin, but into righteousness, even into the Lord our Righteousness; I trust that He will graciously hear the prayers of your dear parents, and be with you as the spirit of health and growth in body and mind.

My dear Godchild! — You received from Christ's minister at the baptismal font, as your Christian name, the name of a most dear friend of your father's, and who was to me even as a son, the late Adam Steinmetz, whose fervent aspiration and ever-paramount aim, even from early youth, was to be a Christian in thought, word, and deed — in will, mind, and affections.

I too, your Godfather, have known what the enjoyments and advantages of this life are, and what the more refined pleasures which learning and intellectual power can bestow; and with all the experience which more than threescore years can give, I now, on the eve of my departure, declare to you (and earnestly pray that you may hereafter live and act on the conviction) that health is a great blessing, — competence obtained by honorable industry a great blessing, — and a great blessing it is to have kind, faithful, and loving friends and relatives; but that the greatest of all blessings, as it is the most ennobling of all privileges, is to be indeed a Christian. But I have been likewise, through a large portion of my later life, a sufferer, sorely afflicted with bodily pains, languors, and bodily infirmities; and, for the last three or four years, have, with few and brief intervals, been confined to a sick-room, and at this moment, in great weakness and heaviness, write from a sick-bed, hopeless of a recovery, yet without prospect of a speedy recovery; and I, thus on the very brink of the grave, solemnly bear witness to you that the Almighty Redeemer, most gracious in His promises to them that truly seek Him, is faithful to perform what He hath promised, and has preserved, under all my pains and infirmities, the inward peace that passeth all nderstanding, with the supporting assurance of a reconciled God, who will not withdraw His Spirit from me in the conflict, and in His own time will deliver me from the Evil One!

O, my dear Godchild! eminently blessed are those who begin early to seek, fear, and love their God, trusting wholly in the righteousness and mediation of their Lord, Redeemer, Saviour, and everlasting High Priest, Jesus Christ!

O, preserve this as a legacy and bequest from your unseen Godfather and friend.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, February 01 2016

Unique Christening Gift Ideas

Hand and food set.
This is a cast of the baby’s hand or foot. The family can relish in the joys knowing that they can show their grown up child an impression of the once baby foot.

Name a star.
Name your child after a star. What a thought, but wait you can actually do this now. Put a picture of a star chart on his wall with his name pointing to a star that has really been named after him.

A silver-plated racing car.
If you child is a fan of Formula One or any other racing sport. This unusual gift is for him. It looks so realistic.

Baby Name Certificates.
A clever idea for you to have your christened Childs name on a certificate. You can choose from all different types of paper and font sizes. Add pictures and frame to finish it off.

A paper weight.
A white cross set in glass. Looks really nice especially when you child uses to stop paper flying away.

Photo mugs.
Put one of your favorite pictures of your child or the child to be christened on a special mug. Watch how he can see himself every time he has a drink.

A photograph on a coaster.
This can be used for all sorts of occasions

A double coat of arms.
Remind you child of his heritage and his unique coat of arms.

Christening hamper.
A new idea for a few more things rather than just one gift. Great for the precious moments.

Open a child trust fund.
On the up and coming but used for christening as well. A professional gesture.

A bouquet of clothes.
Clothes that are made to look like a bunch of flowers. Quite a wonderful looking gift and a very unusual one at that.

christening gowns, christening outfits

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