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 Christening Blog   
Monday, September 21 2015

You Want A Beautiful Irish Christening Gown? You Don’t Have To Have The Luck Of The Irish For Your Baby To Wear One

I had never heard of an Irish Christening gown before the day that I recently sat down to talk with my sister about her baby’s Baptism. Her baby’s Baptism was quickly approaching and we were talking about gowns and traditions. My girlfriend, who happens to be Irish, was sitting with us and told my sister she should take a look at Irish gowns.

My sister and I both looked at each other, surprised that there even was such a thing. She went on to explain that the Irish Christening gown is definitely something to consider if you would like an heirloom piece to pass down for generations to come. When we decided to look online at some of the gowns out there, I could see exactly what she meant.

The first thing you will notice about the Irish Christening gown is that it is often made of Irish linen, or other fine materials. Furthermore, they often have sewn on them a four-leaf clover, a shamrock, or a Celtic cross. According to legend, St. Patrick (who brought Christianity to Ireland) used the shape of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to the people of Ireland. You will often notice the shamrock sewn on either the front of the gown, the shoes or the hat. Either way, the ones I saw were all tastefully done and were quite beautiful.

Another image you may find embroidered or sewn into an Irish Christening gown is the four-leaf clover. Each of the four leafs on a clover are said to represent faith, hope, love and luck. The significance of the four-leaf clover predates Christianity as the Druids (priests of the Celts) considered it to be a charm against evil spirits. Once again, you will find this imagine somewhere on the gown, the shoes, the hat, or bib that goes along with the outfit.

The other popular symbol found on an Irish Christening gown is the Celtic cross. The Celtic cross differs from the traditional Christian cross in that it has a circle around the centre of it. This circle symbolizes the eternity of God’s love. The Celtic cross is quite ornate and when embroidered on fine fabric makes quite a statement.

An Irish Christening gown exemplifies faith, culture and tradition. They are beautifully handcrafted pieces that can be used in ceremonies for people of any faith. They certainly have an antique aura to them, making them a perfect choice for an heirloom piece. Once you see their delicate beauty you will embrace these gowns as I have.

About The Author:
Angela Lanci Zaurrini is a talented and successful freelance writer. Her various writings provide relevant information and wonderfully researched resources for parents and consumers purchasing baby products. She is a young and yet experienced educator who earned her B.A. and teaching certification through Simon Fraser University, Canada. She continues her passion of sharing knowledge through her numerous writings and educational articles.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Friday, September 18 2015

Beautiful Heirloom Christening Gown - Something to Hand Down Through the Generations

A heirloom christening gown like any heirloom is normally passed down the generations, with many members of the same family being christened in the same 'old' but very beautiful gown.

The gown may be made from fine white linen or cotton, and more recently silk or satin. It could be trimmed with tucks, and sometimes smocked, to give a natural elastic effect that will add to the comfort of the gown. Smocking has become less popular over the years as not many people today know the needlework technique as they did in the past. Smocking is unfortunately becoming a 'lost art', along with many other forms of needlework from the days gone by.

A heirloom christening gown would in the past normally be made by a family member, or it could have been purchased and altered, with detail being added over the years.

Other family members as they used it for their children, may have added delicate buttons, fine lace, or stunning embroidery.

A good thing to remember is that any christening or baptism gown can become a heirloom. Nowadays when not all little girls are taught to sew, gorgeous gowns can be purchased and kept as a family heirloom. Heirloom christening gowns are widely available in many stores. They are made with the same charm and elegance that can be found on many antique gowns. Imagine your daughter’s daughter, or your son’s son wearing the gown that they themselves were christened in!

Fabric plays a huge part in how long the gown is likely to last for. Cotton and linen are the fabrics most likely to last the longest. Silk will last quite well too, as will polyester. Acetate, nylon and rayon are not a good choice for a heirloom christening gown as they can 'self destruct' in a small number of years, and they will also 'yellow' quite quickly too!

When the heirloom gown does become too old to wear again, after many many years of service. Why not have it framed, in a museum-mount. You could make a written history of who wore the gown, and even a family tree to hang along side it.

Article Source:
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Sunday, September 13 2015

Seven Practical Tips As You Prepare for Your Child's Christening

1. If your parish has a program to help prepare parents for the Baptism of their child, participate in the program early in the pregnancy.

2. If not, contact the parish three or four months before the child's birth. Ask for a copy of the Baptism ceremony and prayerfully study its rich symbols and prayers.

3. Choose godparents who will be a real and long-lasting help in the Christian formation of your child. It would be helpful if they could participate in the Baptism preparation with you. They are meant to be more than "honorary" sponsors.

4. Track down the family christening dress. And consider making or decorating the white baptismal garment used near the end of the ritual. You might also decorate the baptismal candle with baptismal symbols, using acrylic paints or nail polish. If there are other children in the family, they can help.

5. You might write a "Parents' Prayer" or "Parents' Wish" that includes your hopes and dreams for this new child. Check with the priest or parish leaders to see if there may be a time during or before the ceremony when you can pray or read it aloud. Or present it at a party afterwards.

6. Make the ceremony a community event. Invite relatives, friends and neighbors to participate in the Baptism liturgy. Some could serve as Scripture readers or musicians.

7. Keep the white garment, the candle, the prayers, photos and other symbols of the baptismal ceremony to share with your child in future years. These keepsakes can be brought out on the child's anniversary of Baptism or birthday and serve as powerful reminders of the ongoing importance of the event.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Thursday, September 10 2015

Baptism Invitation Wording - How to Choose the Right Words for Your Baby's Christening

Written by Linda Kling
Sunday, 03 May 2009

When you're planning your baby's christening, one of the first things you will need to personalize is his baptism invitations. Most invitation companies will let you customize your order and leave the choice of words to you. But what wording should you use? Here are are seven tips to help you decide.

1. First of all, make sure you include all the important information. You don't want to forget any significant detail, like the location of the church. No matter how the invitation is worded, it should contain you child's name, date of the baptism, time of the service, church name and address, time and place of the reception with the address, and how to RSVP. Jot these things down.

2. Browse online baptism invitation websites for inspiration. Look for wording that you like. You don't have to order that particular invite or even from that company. This stage is just to get ideas of what you want to say. Copy your favorite phrases. You can take a line from one and borrow something from another.

3. Consider adding a Bible verse. Since this is a spiritual event in the life of your child, it's a nice idea to add a Scripture. There are many verses that are suitable for this occasion. Here's some suggestions that are popular for baptisms.

  • Children are a gift from the Lord, a child is a reward from Him. - Psalm 127:3
  • Let the little children come unto Me, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. - Luke 18:16
  • Whoever welcomes a child in My name, welcomes Me. - Luke 9:46-48
  • For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him. - 1 Samuel 1:27
  • Every good and perfect gift is from above. - James 1:17
  • I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. - Psalm 139:14

4. Instead of a Bible verse, you might want to add a quotation. You can search online and find lots of christening quotes and sayings that would be appropriate for your invitations.

5. Decide whether or not you want to put the godmother and godfather's names on the invitations. It's not something that is usually included, but it might be something that would be meaningful to you and the godparents.

6. When you find an invitation you do want to order, look at the sample text used in the card of your choice as a guideline to how much text can be used. For example, if the design you've chosen contains 5 photos of your precious baby, there might not be room to include a poem, long quote or extra words. You might have to compromise on the design or trim your words. If you're not sure your wording will fit, just email the company and ask for their opinion.

7. Once you place your order and receive your proof, check the wording again. Does it still sound good? Is everything spelled and punctuated correctly. Have someone else read it, too. Don't rush to approve it until you're sure that all the words are right.

Yes, of course, the design on your baptism invitations is important, too - you may even want to personalize them with your baby's photo. But nothing matters as much as the words. Spend some time on this. Spur your creativity by checking out sample wording on baptismal invites offered by online companies. Browse through quotes and Bible verses. Then put together your own words, as you ask your guests to share your blessing at your child's christening.

Article Source:
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Sunday, September 06 2015

Preparing For Your Baby's Christening

The christening of a baby is a great cause for celebration as the church welcomes in a new member of the family. Being properly prepared for the christening will ensure everything goes smoothly, from setting the date to cleaning up after the reception.

Select a day to celebrate the birth of your child and welcome him into the church community of believers. Send out invitations to the ceremony as early as possible.

Choose the baby's godparents. You want people who will be a good example in faith and action to your child as he/she grows. Godparents are entrusted with the life of your child should your lives come to an end. Consult with your local clergy to determine whether both of the godparents must be of the same faith or if one confirmed church member will suffice.

Learn about the significance of christening and each aspect of the ceremony by attending the classes set up by your local clergy. The godparents you select should also plan to attend classes to learn about and prepare for their responsibilities to the newborn child.

Arrange for the gown your baby will wear during the christening ceremony. You may purchase a new gown or use a gown passed down through your family. The color white signifies the purity of life found in Christ. Baby boys may wear a white suit or a white shirt and pants if you don't want to use a traditional gown for the ceremony. Consult with your clergy on the clothing options for your son, because different parishes may have slightly different standards.

Select the Christian name your child will use at the christening ceremony. You can find many names to choose from as well as their associated meanings online.

Prepare for a banquet or a less formal reception after your baby's christening. Invite all of your family and friends to attend the celebration.

Tips & Warnings

Ask the priest about the church's rules on photography and videos during the christening. You don't want to offend parish members or the clergy by taking forbidden pictures during the ceremony. Be sure to notify attendees of the rules.

Find out how much the candle will cost for the christening ceremony and any other christening-related costs you need to cover at the church.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Thursday, September 03 2015

Keepsakes For Key People At The Christening

When it comes to receiving gifts at a christening, the core family will often get a variety of christening gifts. Some will be for the child from older relatives and the godparents and others may just be cards and small tokens from well wishers who attend the ceremony. However, when it comes to buying keepsakes for key people at a christening such as the godparents and grandparents some of us can feel a little lost.

In this article we're going to look at a few of the most elegant, simple and affordable keepsakes out there; perfect christening gifts for everyone involved!

Gifts for the Godparents:
The godparents are there to care for the child and express their love for the family. They're going to be responsible for the child in the event that anything should happen to his or her birth parents and they are committed to caring for his or her spiritual well being too. In fact the biggest christening gifts that the god parents will give the child will be religious mentorship, love and support.

It's a great honor and responsibility to be made the god parents of a baby during a christening event. That means that christening presents for them should represent that. We think that christening gifts for god parents should be sophisticated, grown up and show the birth parents appreciation for them on this meaningful occasion.

An engraved photo frame containing a photograph of the child can be a good small, token present but for grander gestures a champagne hamper or a box of sweet treats can really say 'thank you'. After all, god parents effectively sign up to take care of a child for life so they have their work ahead of them if they're dedicated and caring in that role. They deserve a little bit of luxury and gratitude.

Gifts for the Grandparents:
The grandparents of the baby are attending the christening out of love and joy. They are welcoming the new child in to the world and sanctifying the baby with a blessing and with the baptism. They are special guests at a christening being they will be partly responsible for the care of the child as he or she grows and will play a large role in the baby's life. Like the godparents they are at the event to celebrate the baby's birth and the officially religious occasion, but they're also there as proud relatives to the child.

Choosing christening gifts for grandparents should be relatively easy, if they're hands on and always offering to care for the baby then a big present such as a hamper and again a photograph of the child could be good for them too. Smaller token christening presents such as a snow globe containing a photo of the baby might be more suitable for more distant and less involved grandparents however.

A personalized port gift with a newspaper from the day of the christening included in the wooden box is a very sophisticated present perfect for grandparents at a christening. It gives them a memento with which to remember the day (the newspaper) and also something to help celebrate with (the port!). It can be a delicious way to finish the meal following the christening too.

Gifts for the Baby:
A christening will always be an unmemorable affair for a tiny baby, who isn't yet developed enough to remember the day at all. If your baby is being baptized you may want to buy a couple of gifts for it yourself. Or if you're reading this article and actually about to be a guest at a christening then you could potentially use a few ideas for token christening presents to get for the child. By giving the child gifts the parents, god parents and grandparents all give the child mementos which prove the day was wonderful, (even if they themselves can't recall it.)

Here are a few of our ideas... A personalized egg cup can have the date of the christening added to it and used on a regular basis making it thoughtful but also useful. Meanwhile, a personalized money box can be super because it can help the child to save up some cash and learn about money management during its lifetime.

Christening photo albums can be a good gift for the small child too because they'll be a pleasure to look back over as the child grows up. A baby will never be able to remember the day but photographs will help to remind him or her that it did happen and show them how many people have loved them their whole life time!

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christening gowns, christening outfits

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Tuesday, September 01 2015

How Long After One Becomes A Believer Should They Wait To Be Baptized?

Biblical examples indicate that baptism should take place as soon after a person believes as is possible. In the New Testament, the thought of an unbaptized believer was foreign. Baptism followed belief in Christ as one of the first evidences of faith. In many churches today, evangelistic appeals are followed by the statement that believers must not be ashamed to confess Christ publicly. So people are asked to come stand in front of the church as a confession of their faith in Christ. But in the New Testament, new believers confessed their belief in Christ by being baptized, not by walking the aisle.

It may be advisable to allow for a period of time for instruction in the meaning of baptism and to allow for some evidences of genuine faith to be seen in the believer’s life. But this is not required in the Bible. When a person trusts in Christ, he or she should be baptized as soon as it can be arranged.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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