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 Christening Blog   
Wednesday, December 30 2015

Looking For A Boy Christening Outfit? Don’t Panic Because There Are Choices Galore

A comment that I frequently hear from friends and relatives is that it is so much easier to shop for a little girl, than it is to shop for a little boy. Many may feel this is true when shopping for a boy Christening outfit, too. Rest assured, however, that this is not the case today. Available in a variety of fashions are the cutest and most adorable little Christening outfits. Whether you are looking for something traditional, heirloom or modern, there is a style that your little boy will look absolutely beautiful in his boy Christening outfit for his special day.

While a boy Christening outfit is becoming more popular for Christenings many parents still opt for the traditional gowns as they just don’t know about what other choices are available. Today it is very common to see little boys wearing coveralls, rompers, knickers, or tuxedos. Each of these options is equally formal and sure to make your little one look like an innocent angel ready to be blessed and welcomed into God’s family.

The only disadvantage to buying a boy christening outfit is that it can’t be passed down to a girl, if you have more children. Most Christening outfits are made with the finest of fabrics and sewn with attention to detail. Often the boy’s outfits can be accessorized with hats, jackets, sweaters, bow ties, bibs, socks, shoes and blankets. There are so many choices available that you really only need to decide on the style you prefer and what you are willing to spend.

A gorgeous boy christening outfit is the perfect way to create beautiful memories for a special day! Baby’s Christening day is a special occasion that is celebrated by the whole family. It is only fitting that your little boy be dressed in the finest of outfits, made by the best fabrics and sewn with care. The Christening gown industry is a thriving one because people recognize the importance of this day and want their children to follow in the tradition of wearing the symbolic white garment. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed by the choices available as you search for the perfect outfit for your little angel.

About The Author:
Angela Lanci Zaurrini is a talented and successful freelance writer. Her various writings provide relevant information and wonderfully researched resources for parents and consumers purchasing baby products. She is a young and yet experienced educator who earned her B.A. and teaching certification through Simon Fraser University, Canada. She continues her passion of sharing knowledge through her numerous writings and educational articles.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, December 28 2015

How To Choose Godparents For A Roman Catholic Christening

Selecting a godparent (or godparents - you may have either one godparent of either sex, or one male and one female godparent) for your child's Roman Catholic baptism is not a trivial matter. In the Catholic Church, the godparent acts as the child's sponsor, and is responsible for helping you raise your child in the faith, or even taking over the role of raising your child in the faith should you become incapacitated.

The Catholic Church has a number of requirements that must be met in choosing a godparent, to ensure that the godparent is capable of fulfilling his or her role. This how-to will guide you through the process of picking a godparent for your child's Roman Catholic baptism.


1 Check whether or not your prospective godparent is a Catholic. According to the Code of Canon Law, the godparent must be a Catholic. A non-Catholic godparent is acceptable only if you have a Catholic godparent as well.

2 Check whether or not the prospective godparent has received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Holy Eucharist. According to the Code of Canon Law, the godparent must have received these sacraments of initiation, and must also be a practicing Catholic who lives the life of faith.

3  Check whether or not your prospective godparent is over the age of 16. According to the CCL, only those sixteen years of age or older are eligible as baptismal sponsors.

4 Check whether or not your prospective godparent is the mother or father of your child (this is an easy one to check!). According to the CCL, the mother or father of the child being baptized is not eligible to be a godparent as well.

5 Check whether or not your prospective godparent is willing and able to take a Baptismal Prepraration class. Many parishes require both parents and godparents to take such a class in order to be prepared for and fully understand their role as baptismal sponsors.

Read more: How to choose godparents for a Roman Catholic baptism |

christening gowns, christening outfits

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Saturday, December 26 2015

Christenings Gifts, Etiquette And History

Whether you're planning a Christening yourself, attending a Christening or just want to find out a bit more about the options available to you then hopefully this article will help.

There are two types of ceremonies available; religious and non-religious. Irrespective of which type is chosen, the common theme throughout is love and surrounding the child with family and friends in order to celebrate the child’s birth and life ahead.

Religious Ceremonies:

A Christening is the child’s first initiation into the religious faith. At a Catholic Christening, the parents make their declarations, the baby is baptized with holy water, and a lit candle representing Jesus as the light of the world, is given to the parents and Godparents. The priest may ask the parents to attend preparation classes to fully understand the significance of a baptism. Catholic Christenings are often held as a separate service for one or more child, without hymns and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

In a Church of England Christening, the Christening takes place within the main Sunday church service and the baby is taken to the font, sprinkled with holy water, and the Godparents and parents promise God they will bring the child up in the Christian faith.

If you decide to go for a Christening, you need to speak to the vicar at your local church. They will explain the service, and may ask questions concerning your own faith, and that of the godparents. You will then be able to book a date.

Secular (Non-Religious) Ceremonies:

There are a range of non-religious celebrations to choose from including a Baby-Naming Ceremony, Welcoming or Thanksgiving. These options are free of any commitment to the Christian faith. A British Humanist Association ceremony can take place anywhere you like. A trained, licensed celebrant will help you to create a unique and personal occasion. They can provide templates for ceremonies that you can adapt for your own situation, and they can suggest readings, poetry or music. You can include contributions from family/friends, and finish it all off with a tea or buffet. These ceremonies last on average 20 minutes.

Christenings are generally held within the first year of a baby's life, although some parents wait until the child is a little older.

Generally, photography is welcome during all types of ceremonies but it may be worth checking with the person presiding first as the congregation or gathering is likely to be invited to photograph the child, family and Godparents at specific points during the ceremony. Of course there can also be photographs before and after.

The child will usually be dressed in a special Christening outfit/gown or family heirloom garment. Women would be expected to dress smartly - hats are not necessary, and for men, suits or smart shirt and trousers. Ties are often not a necessity, particularly for summer ceremonies though if you are the father or Godfather, you would be expected to dress in a suit.

Usually following the ceremony a buffet or tea is held at the parent’s house. The child will be shown off to all the family and friends, and Christening gifts are generally presented to the child. After the buffet, the official cake may be cut, and at this point, some people choose to plant a tree or dedicate a plant which will grow with the child.

Role of the Godparents:

There are usually three Godparents - two the same sex as the child. The role of the Godparent comes from the days when converts to the early Christian church were usually adults whose parents were not Christians. The Godparents role was to provide a Christian mentor to help them through life. People also link the role of the Godparent with that of becoming 'legal guardian' should the child ever be orphaned. However, this would need to be written into a will with the permission of the Godparents themselves. Non-religious participants usually engage a 'mentor' who will watch over the child and steer them through life with help, care and advice. Generally Godparents are chosen for their own Christian beliefs but also because they are very close friends of the parents, or family members. Godparents or guardians should be people who are going to be around to offer support for the child if needed.

Christening Gifts:

Many people prefer a traditional gift idea for a Christening such as pewter, silver or china; these are great gifts for the child to treasure. Another nice idea is to provide a photo album or keepsake box to store precious memories of the child’s special day. For religious ceremonies it is common for a silver cross and chain or a bible to be presented to the child. Personalized gifts also make very nice ideas for this occasion, for example a framed name print, or a personalized Christening plate or mug, or perhaps an engraved tankard or cufflinks for a boy.
#christeninggowns, #christeningoutfits

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Wednesday, December 23 2015

Should You Send Christening/Baptism Invitations?

Have you decided yet if you are going to send out christening or baptism invitations? This is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and deserves to be announced in formal style.

Christening/Baptism invitations provide your family and friends with all the details of this once-in-a-lifetime event making them an important part of your planning. Shopping online and having them printed by a professional printer will ultimately save you time so you only have to address them for mailing to your guests. Online invitation websites typically have a nice selection of christening and baptism invitations.

TIP – It’s usually cheaper to initially order a few more invitations than to have to order more later. Additional christening/baptism invitations can be used for extra guests not originally included in your count, and be sure to save at least one of the invitations as a souvenir. It can be framed, placed in a memory album or added to your baby’s scrapbook.

Here are the details to include on your christening or baptism invitations.

  • Baby’s Name
  • Parents’ Names
  • Date and Time of Baptism or Christening Ceremony
  • Name and Address of Ceremony Location
  • Time and Location of Reception (if separate from ceremony)

If you are planning a formal celebration and inviting quite a few guests, you might want to include some type of RSVP on the invitation to help in your seating and food planning. This can range from placing your phone number at the bottom of the invitation to actually including a separate response card that would be mailed back by your guests. When ordering baptism invitations through a professional printer, some of the formal styles may have a matching response card available. If you do include a response card with your invitation, be sure to place a postage stamp on its accompanying envelope as a convenience to your guests. Your address will already be printed on the envelope for return mailing.

Thank you or informal note cards are sometimes also available to match your invitations when ordering from a professional printer. Informal note cards will have your baby’s name printed on the front with the inside being blank for your handwritten thank you note.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for your baby so you’ll want to formally announce all the details to family and friends with special christening or baptism invitations. Remember to save one as a lasting keepsake for you and your baby.

By Sara Haese
Published: 3/18/2007
#christeninggowns, #christeningoutfits

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Monday, December 21 2015

Christening Celebration Food And Drink Overview

What you serve your #christening or naming ceremony guests to eat or drink will depend on a number of factors: weather, budget, and number of guests, formality or quite simply, your personal taste. Most christening receptions are held during the day so the food served tends to be a lunch or afternoon tea. You can use a venue with catering, hire a caterer or do it yourself at home.


Here are some of the most often used options, ranging from very formal to relaxed:

Silver service/ plated service
This is the most formal type of meal. It usually involves at least three courses, all of which are served to seated guests individually. You’ll need a table plan and will most likely have to choose from set menus. This is usually the most expensive option but does add a touch of luxury and grandeur to the proceedings.

Sit down buffet
This can be formal, using a seating plan, or more casual with open seating. Typically, starters, desserts and coffee are served at the table with the main course being a self service buffet. However, it can be less formal with all courses being available from a buffet. The buffet itself can either be hot, great for winter events to warm up after a chilly church service, or cold with light meats and salads, ideal for a summer lunch.

Fork buffet
This is a less formal option as the food is designed to be eaten with a fork only. It’s ideal for parties where there is less space as people eat while standing or on their laps. The foods can be hot or cold, but the key is for it to be eaten easily without a knife. 

Finger buffet/High Tea
This informal option is also one of the most economical. The food is designed to be eaten mostly with fingers and usually includes sandwiches, quiches, cold pies, pastries, cakes and fruit. It’s perfect if space is limited with standing room only or if you have many children as guests. If doing the catering yourself, it’s also easiest to prepare in advance without any last minute heating. 

Afternoon tea
These lovely, old-fashioned, traditional teas are usually served mid afternoon. The food includes dainty sandwiches with fillings like cucumber, egg and cress, and smoked salmon plus a selection of scones, cakes and pastries – ideally served on a tiered stand. Tea should absolutely be served from a teapot with fine china used if possible! 

These are hot or cold bite sized morsels usually served from trays, designed to be eaten without plates or cutlery. They’re ideal if you hire waiting staff (or if you manage to rope in some older children or friends to act as servers!) They are not usually a substantial meal so are suitable if you’re only planning a short reception, or as a filler before the start of the ceremony or before a larger meal is served. They’re often served along with a glass of champagne.

This is a relaxed, contemporary take on a traditional hot buffet. They tend to be more sociable and can offer a focal point. Although they are offered by some venues, they’re often the preferred choice for celebrations at home. Hog roasts are a popular alternative. You can either do it yourself or hire a caterer. Three notes of caution: have a wet weather plan (or at least an umbrella for the chef!); expect to spend hours preparing the food, only to have the chef get all the glory; and finally, if you’re doing it at home, make sure you have a reliable chef who won’t poison your guests or cremate the food!
#christennggowns, #christeningoutfits

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Friday, December 18 2015

Christening Gifts On A Budget

Over the years, the global banking crisis has hit everyone hard and pinching the pennies is an unfortunate necessity for most of us. At the same time we are trying to stay afloat in our capitalist culture where kids always seem to want the next big super toy and even friends of our own ages are impressed by labels and tags. In times like these, finding the perfect presents can be an incredibly stressful ordeal, whether buying for a birthday, wedding or christening. However, with the increasing availability of personalized presents and charming customized gifts, whether you are opting for a christening gift for the new baby itself or if you are planning a surprise treat for the proud parents, you are sure to find great baby christening gifts on a budget.

A fantastic way of keeping spending down is also to create your own presents. Handmade cards are great gift ideas as they are personalized for the recipient themselves and show that you have put a lot of thought and time into celebrating the occasion. Although many people are quite happy to stick and glue a fantastic design for their friends, those who aren't so creative and those who want a more professional style of card often opt for personalizing cards with photos and computerized images. This is an incredibly easy process and for christenings it is a great way to give the child a real keepsake. Some choose a nice photo of the baby from after the birth whilst some create cards with the proud parents on or with a concertina of photos.

Personalized photo presents also come in other forms which are perfect for baby christening gifts. Engraved photo albums can be given with a few cute pictures of the newborn's first photos and left blank for subsequent photos, or they can be filled with photos of the baby's relatives and family friends. Photo frames can be engraved with personalized messages, song lyrics or a line from a poem for a long-term memento. For fun photo related gifts, many people are choosing to take some snaps to make anything from customized t-shirts to special balloons to personalized mouse mats. Complimentary gifts for the new parents can also be made for a sweet family set of such personalized objects.

Similarly, creating your own presents for the new nursery is a nice idea. A simple but effective gift is baby bunting. This is made by sewing triangles of fabric to a long stretch of fabric; this can then be hung across the nursery either as a temporary celebratory gift, or if made with substantial tasteful textures, as a permanent addition to the room. Although this does take time and effort to make, materials are very affordable and it will jazz up a plain crib. Another popular present is also having the child's name painted or printed onto a banner or door sign. Again, this can be created online and printed off with photos or can be handmade if you are a creative type. Keepsakes and home accessories such as engraved paperweights and carriage clocks also make a nice addition to a nursery, as do personalized money boxes. Although many people may think of silver straight away and equate that to being expensive, often smaller versions or ceramic versions are just as stunning but are less likely to break the piggy bank.

Other traditional gifts such as personalized christening plates or even a personalized set of authentic coins need not be expensive if ordered through the appropriate channels. A small engraved trinket box has a multitude of uses - although often used for holding baby teeth, baby's first curl or even baby's first earrings - but need not cost more than a rather affordable twenty pounds. This is also a gift which can be used right through to the baby's later years. For more timely gifts, cute decorative baby rattles, crib mobiles and even bedding and clothing can also be customized to include embroidery of the baby's name. Miniature toys can also be personalized; for example some teddy bears can be altered to include a "voice box" with a fun customized message.

Whether you have a budget that is large or small, with the variety of affordable and high-quality personalized gifts on the market - ranging from simple photo christening cards to customized home accessories - there is bound to be a christening gift to suit both the baby and your budget.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Wednesday, December 16 2015

Great Christening and Baptism Keepsake Ideas
 by: Sara Haese

A baby’s christening or baptism is a very special occasion. It is the very first step in their spiritual life so there should be as many keepsakes of the day as possible. Since the baby won’t have any first-hand memories of this special day, it’s up to the parents, godparents and family members to create lasting memories for them.

There are always the popular items that make treasured keepsakes, but there are many other ideas that might get overlooked. For instance, are the invitations just for inviting guests to the celebration and providing all the important details? That is their main purpose, but saving just one of them to be framed or placed in a memory album/scrapbook will create a lasting souvenir of the occasion.

Here is a list of some more obvious and not-so-obvious items that make great baptism or christening keepsakes creating lifetime memories for the baby.

Gown or Outfit – Choosing heirloom quality fabric and taking the proper storage measures will help preserve the gown or outfit for future generations or just for a lasting remembrance.

Accessories such as shoes, socks, bib, blanket, bonnet, towel, headband, boutonniere - They all add an extra special touch to the gown or outfit and make great mementos.

Favors – These are perfect for showing appreciation to guests and giving them a take-home token. Many types of favors can be personalized.

Certificate – This is a great way to create a written record of the baptism or christening that can be framed and displayed.

Bracelet – What could be more precious and beautiful than a baby bracelet adorning the infant on her special day?

Personalized Gifts – These are normally items designed specifically for a christening or baptism such as a photo album, photo frame, Bible, cross plaque, doll, prayer bear, or candle. They are extra special because of the personalization.

Share of Stock with Framed Certificate – This is a gift that will educate and grow with the child throughout their life and the personalized frame will commemorate the date of their baptism or christening.

Godparents, in particular, should really consider giving their godchild a keepsake gift since part of their responsibility is to help the child grow in their spirituality. Since their baptism or christening is the beginning of their spiritual life, it should always be remembered. There are special godchild, goddaughter, and godson gifts available that can be personalized with the baby’s name and the date.

Keepsakes are a wonderful way to honor the memory of a baby’s christening or baptism through the years as they grow, both physically and spiritually.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, December 14 2015

Decoration and Finishing Touches For Your Christening Reception

Whether you are having your reception at home or in a function room, a few key decorative items can really liven the place up, hide unwanted or unsightly areas and make all the difference to the atmosphere of your celebration.


As simple or as complex as you want them to be, use flowers to continue a style or theme or add a splash of color

Simple structural flowers such as gerberas, sunflowers can look contemporary without being too adult. Pretty English flowers such as freesias, peonies and roses can be used to complement a more traditional style celebration.  

Bunting, Garlands & Banners

Quickly liven up even the most uninspiring room or venue with garlands or banners.  Colorful fabric bunting looks fabulous draped round the garden for a summer party at home - perfect for a shabby chic or vintage look. Paper lanterns dotted around the room or hanging from tree branches are an inexpensive way of adding color and interest.

For a fun and economical way of brightening up your party, create your own custom printed personalized banner.

Table Decoration

Simple posies or balloons look great as table centerpieces for a sit down lunch or to brighten up the buffet table. Don’t forget a table plan and place names for a formal seating arrangement.

Favors and Party Bags

"Bomboniere" or almond favors originated in France and Italy centuries ago and were traditionally given to the female guests at weddings and christenings.  The five sugared almonds symbolize health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life.  These days, favors can be any small gift.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Saturday, December 12 2015

Planning Your Baby’s Baptism Reception

Your baby’s baptism is an important event, both as a spiritual milestone and as a family celebration. For this reason, having a reception after the service is quite common. While there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to accomplish this event, there are some things to keep in mind in order to have a successful get-together after your baby is baptized. Planning your baby’s baptism reception doesn’t have to be labor intensive to be a hit with your guests, as well as a special memory for your immediate family.

Who to Invite?

When it comes to a milestone like baptism, it’s always best to err on the side of including as many people as possible. This doesn’t mean that you need to hand out invitations to co-workers and other casual acquaintances. Instead, choose those guests who have a personal interest in your child, as well as family members who are religiously devout and feel a connection to the event. If you are unsure whether someone should be included, get a second opinion from a prominent family member. Nothing causes quite so much family strife as the politics surrounding these religious events. You certainly don’t want your baby’s baptism remembered as something that causes hard feelings for years to come.

Menu and Décor

After the church service, your guests will be hungry. For morning baptisms, a moderate luncheon spread is preferable. You definitely don’t want anyone to leave hungry, but an elaborate menu can be cost prohibitive. Things like a fruit platter, crudités and various sandwiches are usually well-received. Overestimate what you will need as far as quantity, keeping in mind that there will always be people that will come without sending a proper RSVP.

Decorations can be simple, reflecting the redemptive qualities of baptism. White flowers, greenery and pastel shades make a lovely presentation. If you have a close friend or family member who indicates that they would like to contribute to the baptism reception, allow them to take care of the decorating. This will allow you to focus on the significance of your baby’s milestone without worrying too much about the party afterwards.

Dealing with Children

Of course, with any family event, you can expect to have a plethora of other children that will be attending the celebration. This can get hectic. However, proper planning will reduce a good deal of the noise and upset caused by the youngsters. Prepare activities that the kids can participate in, as well as other entertainments and diversions. You might want to select several of the younger teenagers to be in charge of implementing these activities. This will free up mothers to enjoy the company and socializing, while ensuring that all young charges are still properly supervised. If you have the luxury of baptizing your baby during the warmer months, a fenced backyard area is ideal for the other children.

As a final note, while this baptism reception is meant to honor the religious milestone of your baby, that doesn’t mean that he needs to be present at all times. Your little one will tire easily and may become over stimulated by the hustle and bustle, leading to fussiness. If you anticipate this issue, take a few pictures at the beginning of the event and then enjoy your family while your baby naps.

christening gowns, christening outfits

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Sunday, December 06 2015

What is The Meaning of Baptism?

The word “baptism” is simply a transliteration of the Greek word, baptisma, and some related words which have the meaning of dipping or immersing. Since the object dipped or immersed became totally identified with the substance in which it was placed, the idea of identification is central to the meaning of baptism. Jesus’ baptism by John publicly identified Him who was sinless with sinners in anticipation of His death and resurrection as their sin-bearer. In that sense, He referred to His own impending death as a “baptism” which He had to undergo (Mark 10:38-39; Luke 12:50). For us baptism symbolizes our identification with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection; our identification with Christ’s church; and, our cleansing from sin.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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