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Friday, October 30 2015

Difference Between a Christening and a Baby Dedication

What's the difference between a Christening and a baby dedication? If you've ever been invited to such an event you will understand that it can be easy to confuse what is actually meant by the different rituals and traditions around naming and baptizing a baby.

A Christening involves baptism, the first of a number of sacraments in life within the Roman Catholic tradition. Baptism is a part of many Christian denominations, including Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist. Baptism is a water purification
ceremony, so at Christenings you will see a small amount of holy water from the baptismal font, poured by the priest or minister over the infant's head. During a christening the child enters the Christian faith and his or her parents
and possible godparents, vow to raise the child in the faith they have chosen.

A baby dedication on the other hand is a ceremony where the child's parents dedicate their child to God. They may make a statement showing they intend to raise the child according to a particular faith or denomination - however there may not be any form of baptism as part of the service.

Historically speaking even a Christening and Baptism were once two different things. A Christening referred to the child being given a Christian name while a baptism was usually held for older children or adults and involved fully submersing the body in water. Today both terms are used interchangeably and of course variations exist across different faiths. To avoid any confusion, if you are attending a ceremony and are preparing gifts or a card, use the term used by the parents.

Christening outfits for children, which can also be appropriate for baby dedications, are usually white, symbolizing purity and innocence. Christening and baby dedication outfits come in a variety of styles and fabrics
, with pricing options ranging from the budget-conscious to bridal quality. Traditionally the infant, regardless of gender, is dressed in a gown style garment, or christening dress, which can be changed after the ceremony for something more practical. Christening dress fabrics may range from cotton and linen to organza and bridal quality satin and may feature embroidery, pleats and smocking. The Christening outfit may also include a Christening blanket and blankets make popular gifts too.

Styles for a Christening dress can be modern or traditional. Important considerations include that whatever the style, the fabric used is a breathable natural fibre and is comfortable for the baby. Depending on the weather, a Christening dress may feature short sleeves or a jacket and bonnet for cooler temperatures.

Whether it's a Christening or a baby dedication, the event is certainly a special one in any family. It is a way for all involved in the child's life to welcome them into their community and to reinforce the extended family's commitment to upholding the spiritual values that are important to them. A beautiful Christening dress will add to the joy of this memorable occasion.


#christeninggowns, #christeningoutfits

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Wednesday, October 28 2015

Have You Been Invited To A Baptism By A Catholic Family?

Congratulations - you've been invited to attend a friend's christening ceremony by the family!

When the baby is christened at a church, the ceremony will contain with quite a few symbols and religious meanings. As the newly received child is actually christened, remember that the act of baptism is a deeply symbolic act for every churches and denominations.

For people who are lucky to be invited and wondering about protocol and what to do, the biggest question to consider is where is the ceremony to be held - at a Catholic church or not?

If the child will be indeed christened in a Catholic church, the local vicar will be involved. He often will light a candle during the ceremony. This candle is to be symbolic of Jesus. If you attend, they will pass this candle around the crowd. Don't panic - just keep it going around. At this time, the vicar might read some Bible passages out loud and might talk about the baby now being welcomed into the Catholic Church.

Catholic services are often held as a private ceremony. Most families like this since it gives a private chance to bond and experience the joy as a family. At these private christening there is no singing done, and remember the ceremony lasts for around 30 minutes.

A christening is both exciting and scary at the same time, but is often a wonderful occasion. This makes sense when you combine the joy that the child's parents feel with the apprehension and nerves of having to actually plan the ceremony, receive visitors, and pick godparents. Luckily though, the parents do not need to buy christening presents.

All in all, a christening held at a Catholic church is such a highly symbolic ritual and is very joyful for all people involved. If you are invited to attend, do no hesitate to do so. It is going to be a time of such joy and togetherness, and they will bring you many fond

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christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, October 26 2015

How to Hold a Baby During a Baptism

A baptism or christening is a traditional Christian ceremony designed to welcome an infant to the church. This celebration is also for officially naming the child and is an ideal venue for inviting family and friends to meet the infant. During the christening service, both the priest or minister and parents (or godparents, if selected) will be holding the baby at various points. Prepare yourself by learning the typical order of service.


1 Cradle the baby comfortably as you would on any other occasion while listening to the priest or minister deliver the traditional prayers.

2 Hold the baby securely while the priest or minister leads the congregation in prayer. He will place his hands over the holy water to bless the water. After this point, he will direct you to pass the baby over to him.

3 Gently pass the baby to the priest or minister for the naming and baptizing. While securely holding the child, neck stabilized and body completely supported, the priest will sprinkle the baby's forehead with a few drops of holy water. Some babies may cry or exhibit stress during this procedure. The clergyman should move quickly and gently then return the baby to cradled position for further prayers and blessings.

4 Prepare to receive the baby from the clergyman. Take the baby and hold comfortably, consoling the baby, if necessary.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Friday, October 23 2015

Christening Invitations - Wording Examples


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the
Christening of their precious son

Brandon Boyd

5th August 2008 at 12.30pm

Christening at St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

Reception to follow at
Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

RSVP to 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Lisa and Travis Thompson would like you to join them
to celebrate the Christening of

Brandon Boyd

At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
on 5th August at 12.30pm

Afterwards at Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

RSVP: 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the Christening of their son

Brandon Boyd

Sunday 5th August 2008
12.30pm at St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

Reception to follow at Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

RSVP to 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Lisa and Travis Thompson would like you to join them
to celebrate the Christening of

Brandon Boyd

At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ on 5th August at 12.30pm

Afterwards at home 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213

RSVP to the above address


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the Baptism of

Brandon Boyd

Sunday 5th August 2008 at 12.30pm
At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

Followed by a BBQ at our home
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Please join us for the Baptism of our son

Brandon Boyd

At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
On Sunday 5th August 2008 at 12.30pm

Followed by afternoon tea at our home

RSVP by 14th July 2008 to
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Help us celebrate love and new life,
as we dedicate our son,
Brandon, to God
May the Lord give His angels
charge over you,
to guide you in all your ways
Psalm 91:11

Our baby is a blessing,
who is beautiful as can be.
Come help us welcome him
into God's family!


Lisa and Travis Thompson
request the pleasure of your company
at the christening of their son

Brandon Boyd

To be held at
St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
on Sunday 5th August at 12.30pm

And afterwards at their house

Please reply to
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


 Lisa and Travis Thompson
would like to invite you
to join them at the christening of

Brandon Boyd

on Sunday 5th August at 12.30pm
At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

And to celebrate afterwards at their home

Please reply to
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213
By 30 July 2008


Lisa & Travis Thompson
Would like to invite you
to the Christening of their son

Brandon Boyd Thompson

on Sunday 5th August 2008
at 12.30pm
St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
and afterwards at
Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

34 Charles Place


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the Christening of
Brandon Body
Sunday 5th August 2008 at 12.30pm
at St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
and afterwards at
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213
for drinks and lunch to celebrate
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, October 19 2015

Christenings – Gifts, Etiquette And History Explained
Submitted By: James T Wilson

There are two types of ceremonies available; religious and non-religious. Irrespective of which type is chosen, the common theme throughout is love and surrounding the child with family and friends in order to celebrate the child’s birth and life ahead.

Religious Ceremonies:

A Christening is the child’s first initiation into the religious faith. At a Catholic Christening, the parents make their declarations, the baby is baptized with holy water, and a lit candle representing Jesus as the light of the world, is given to the parents and Godparents. The priest may ask the parents to attend preparation classes to fully understand the significance of a baptism. Catholic Christenings are often held as a separate service for one or more child, without hymns and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

In a Church of England Christening, the Christening takes place within the main Sunday church service and the baby is taken to the font, sprinkled with holy water, and the Godparents and parents promise God they will bring the child up in the Christian faith.

If you decide to go for a Christening, you need to speak to the vicar at your local church. They will explain the service, and may ask questions concerning your own faith, and that of the godparents. You will then be able to book a date.

Secular (Non-Religious) Ceremonies:

There are a range of non-religious celebrations to choose from including a Baby-Naming Ceremony, Welcoming or Thanksgiving. These options are free of any commitment to the Christian faith. A British Humanist Association ceremony can take place anywhere you like. A trained, licensed celebrant will help you to create a unique and personal occasion. They can provide templates for ceremonies that you can adapt for your own situation, and they can suggest readings, poetry or music. You can include contributions from family/friends, and finish it all off with a tea or buffet. These ceremonies last on average 20 minutes.

Christenings are generally held within the first year of a baby's life, although some parents wait until the child is a little older.

Generally, photography is welcome during all types of ceremonies but it may be worth checking with the person presiding first as the congregation or gathering is likely to be invited to photograph the child, family and Godparents at specific points during the ceremony. Of course there can also be photographs before and after.

The child will usually be dressed in a special Christening outfit/gown or family heirloom garment. Women would be expected to dress smartly - hats are not necessary, and for men, suits or smart shirt and trousers. Ties are often not a necessity, particularly for summer ceremonies though if you are the father or Godfather, you would be expected to dress in a suit.

Usually following the ceremony a buffet or tea is held at the parent’s house. The child will be shown off to all the family and friends, and Christening gifts are generally presented to the child. After the buffet, the official cake may be cut, and at this point, some people choose to plant a tree or dedicate a plant which will grow with the child.

Role of the Godparents:

There are usually three Godparents - two the same sex as the child. The role of the Godparent comes from the days when converts to the early Christian church were usually adults whose parents were not Christians. The Godparents role was to provide a Christian mentor to help them through life. People also link the role of the Godparent with that of becoming 'legal guardian' should the child ever be orphaned. However, this would need to be written into a will with the permission of the Godparents themselves. Non-religious participants usually engage a 'mentor' who will watch over the child and steer them through life with help, care and advice. Generally Godparents are chosen for their own Christian beliefs but also because they are very close friends of the parents, or family members. Godparents or guardians should be people who are going to be around to offer support for the child if needed.

Christening Gifts:

Many people prefer a traditional gift idea for a Christening such as pewter, silver or china; these are great gifts for the child to treasure. Another nice idea is to provide a photo album or keepsake box to store precious memories of the child’s special day. For religious ceremonies it is common for a silver cross and chain or a bible to be presented to the child. Personalized gifts also make very nice ideas for this occasion, for example a framed name print, or a personalized Christening plate or mug, or perhaps an engraved tankard or cufflinks for a boy.

About the Author

James T Wilson runs a website which specializes in Christening and Baptism gifts.
christening gowns, christening outfits


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Friday, October 16 2015

How to Be a Great Godparent

By Rhomylly Forbes, eHow Contributor

It's quite an honor when the parents of a newborn child ask you to be the godparent. In today's society, however, the role can also be quite nebulous and undefined. Historically, a godparent could take on any role from legal guardian if something happened to the child's parents, to spiritual advisor, to someone -- at least in fairy tales -- who looked out for the child's welfare in addition to instantly granting any wish the child might have.

Today, however, most parents don't even bother to name a godparent for their newborn babies. If you are so blessed as to be asked to assume this role, here are some tips on how to do the best possible job.

1    Talk to the parents. Ideally, before you even agree to be a godparent to a child, talk to the parent and find out what they envision your place in the kid's life will be: spiritual advisor, older sibling, "second" set of parents, special aunt or uncle, or all of the above. Make sure the parents have thoroughly thought their decision to appoint you, and given some thought to the relationship they want you to have with their child.

It's never too late to have this conversation. If you're already a godparent and you feel that your role is a bit vague, make the time to talk to the parents.

2  Engage the child spiritually. Within the guidelines set by the parents, establish and maintain a good relationship with the child. If you attend a different church than the parents, offer to take your child with you to your own church once in a while -- once she is old enough to participate and   behave.

3 Give special gifts. Make sure to remember your godchild's birthdays and other special days, be there for the baptism/christening, and, with the parents' input and permission, give the child an age-appropriate and spiritually appropriate gift. If you can, give the child a "secular" gift to play with, too.

4 Be an ear. As your godchild grows into her tweens and teens, you may have the opportunity to be the adult she chooses to confide in, on the theory that a) you've got her best interests at heart and b) you may not be as judgmental as her parents. This is especially true if you've had regular, close contact with the child throughout her life so far.

This is a precious gift, and your golden opportunity to gently steer your godchild toward making good choices based upon her -- and your -- beliefs.

5   Pray. No matter what your faith is, praying for the health, long life, and welfare of a child you care for is always appropriate. The parents chose you for a reason -- whether you're a longtime family friend or a relative -- and that reason probably has a lot to do with the "God" part of the term godparent -- they admire and respect your relationship with God and want your help passing that kind of relationship on to their child. Use your connection with the divine to bring as much good into the life of the child as possible.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Wednesday, October 14 2015

How Old Should A Child Who Believes Be Before They Are Baptized?

This depends on the child’s maturity. The child should give some evidence, both in understanding and behavior, of being truly born again. While full understanding of the meaning of baptism is not necessary (what adult can say that he fully understands it?), some comprehension of the meaning and significance is desirable. Parents should not put pressure on the child, but rather let it be his decision in response to his understanding of the matter from the biblical teaching of his parents and the church. In other words, the child should be old enough to make an informed decision to confess his faith in Christ publicly. He should be old enough so that he can remember it all his life.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, October 12 2015

Why Baptism Is Important?

Baptism is important because Christ commanded it as a part of the Great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matt. 28:19). If we neglect baptism, we’re disobeying our Lord. Since true faith always expresses itself in obedience, those who have believed in Christ and have been properly instructed about baptism will obey Christ by being baptized.

Baptism is the place where a believer publicly confesses Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and identifies with Christ and His church. In talking of our need to follow Him, Jesus said, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.... For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels” (Mark 8:34, 38). Baptism is the initial way of confessing Christ publicly.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Saturday, October 10 2015

What does a christening involve?

A christening is a Christian blessing which usually involves baptism. And baptism refers to a ritual where a person (in this case a baby) is initiated into the Church congregation when water is sprinkled or poured over the head of a baby – or, in some cases, when the baby is immersed in water for a second or two.

Baptism usually represents the cleansing of original sin from the baby, and the initiation of the baby into the first of various sacraments of the church in which they are christened. Parents and godparents accept responsibility on the baby’s behalf, for the child’s acceptance of the beliefs of the Church.

Baptism has been used in most Christian christening ceremonies, inspired by Jesus own baptism in the River Jordan at the hands of John the Baptist. However, several Christian groups (eg Quakers) don’t practice baptism in a christening.

Baptism of adults is a very old ritual that has existed in various forms in such religions as Judaism for many centuries. While it became part of Christian ritual in the very early days of the church, other religious groups in the first and second century that used baptism included Gnostic spiritualists, rabbinic Jews and Essene sectarians.

However the first mention of infant baptism comes from the early Christian writer Tertullian, circa 200AD, so most scholars believe infant Christenings started during the second century AD.

In some churches, a blessing ceremony is held for a new baby but another ceremony similar to a christening occurs when a child is old enough to speak for themselves.

In most cases, a male and female godparent is chosen by the parents. It’s quite an honour to be asked to be a godparent – and it’s a role that carries differing levels of responsibility depending on the church. Generally that person would be a practicing member of the church into which the child is christened.

In many cases, the Church will require parents (and also sometimes, godparents) to receive some instructions before the ceremony. You might be required to have a personal session with the priest or pastor or perhaps to attend one or several organised classes.

Do check with the church as soon as possible, what is required beforehand.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Tuesday, October 06 2015

Looking For A Boy Christening Outfit?

A comment frequently heard from friends and relatives is that it is so much easier to shop for a little girl, than it is to shop for a little boy. Many may feel this is true when shopping for a boy Christening outfit, too. Rest assured, however, that this is not the case today. Available in a variety of fashions are the cutest and most adorable little Christening outfits. Whether you are looking for something traditional, heirloom or modern, there is a style that your little boy will look absolutely beautiful in his boy Christening outfit for his special day.

While a boy Christening outfit is becoming more popular for Christenings many parents still opt for the traditional gowns as they just don’t know about what other choices are available. Today it is very common to see little boys wearing coveralls, rompers, knickers, or tuxedos. Each of these options is equally formal and sure to make your little one look like an innocent angel ready to be blessed and welcomed into God’s family.

The only disadvantage to buying a boy christening outfit is that it can’t be passed down to a girl, if you have more children. Most Christening outfits are made with the finest of fabrics and sewn with attention to detail. Often the boy’s outfits can be accessorized with hats, jackets, sweaters, bow ties, bibs, socks, shoes and blankets. There are so many choices available that you really only need to decide on the style you prefer and what you are willing to spend.

A gorgeous boy christening outfit is the perfect way to create beautiful memories for a special day! Baby’s Christening day is a special occasion that is celebrated by the whole family. It is only fitting that your little boy be dressed in the finest of outfits, made by the best fabrics and sewn with care. The Christening gown industry is a thriving one because people recognize the importance of this day and want their children to follow in the tradition of wearing the symbolic white garment. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed by the choices available as you search for the perfect outfit for your little angel.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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