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Friday, September 26 2014

Godmother Responsibilities

By Medha Godbole

There are a number of godmother responsibilities which have to be fulfilled by a godmother. The spiritual life of a child is looked after by a godmother. Scroll down to know what all is a godmother responsible for.

The Church is one of the extremely significant religious institutions over the globe. Baptism is a very important practice in Christianity and thus, has to be taken with utmost seriousness. To ensure that the process goes on smoothly and to preside over the whole ceremony, it is a custom that there are godparents – either a godmother or a godfather present and sponsors the child. The text to come will describe more about godmother responsibilities.

What Exactly is a God Parent

A godparent, in the umpteen dimensions of Christianity notwithstanding, is person who sponsors the baptism of a child. The god parent is there on behalf of the child. It could either be a godmother or godfather. This practice of god parenting has been going on since time immemorial. The godparent responsibilities begin at baptism and continue throughout the life of that child. It not just infants, but the godparent also is a major part of adult baptism.

Now lets take a look at godmother responsibilities after getting an idea as to what is it to be a godmother.

Godmother Duties

Duty #1
As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost duty of a godmother is to sponsor the baptism of the child. Godmother responsibilities for baptism basically include responding on behalf of the infant and representing the baby. What happens during a baptismal service is that the godmother and the parents of the baby have to respond to the questions on the child's behalf. In the process, the godmother and the parents would be asked to declare their Christian faith as well. Some of questions are specifically directed towards the godmother, for instance is she ready to pray for the child, to care for the baby and to get him or her into the community of faith. In addition to all this, though not customary, the godmother as well as godfather responsibilities include giving a christening gift.

Duty #2
Initially the godmother was supposed to be informally responsible for carrying out child's religious education. It was done by default and the godmother and the sole aim was and is still to help the child lead a good Christian life. As far as the church is concerned, the church is extremely particular about the spiritual growth of the child and intends the godmothers to do so.

Duty #3
One more of godmother responsibilities is to act as sponsor for confirmation. That means that those who observe the sacrament of confirmation need sponsors or godparents for the ceremony In such a situation the child is allowed on account of the sacrament is allowed to confirm her faith, having reached an age where she can reason.

Duty #4
The godparent has to be there for the godchild whenever needed. The spiritual growth of the child has to be supervised by the godmother. Not only should the godmother believe in the lord and philosophy of Jesus, she should be ready to share the knowledge and philosophy with the godchild.

Duty #5
Catholic godmother responsibilities in addition to the above include a strong belief in whatever she is professing on behalf of the infant. This means she should be well aware of christening vs baptism . It also includes the fact that incase the child loses her parents, the godmother becomes the guardian of the child.

Duty #6
Godmother responsibilities with regards to an adult being baptized is to assist the person in Christian initiation. Giving witness to the catholic faith by words and actions and serving as an example is very important.

Godmother responsibilities are, at the end of the day spiritual commitment, rather than a legal obligation. It is more of an emotional and spiritual thread which binds the infant and the godmother.

Nowadays, a relative of the baby could also be asked to be a godparent, which is a huge honor for that individual. The individual then gets to have a beautiful relationship with the kid of a friend, philosopher and guide! It is an absolute joy for that person to have a special place in the child's life.

That is all about godmother responsibilities. I think everyone should have someone like that!
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Wednesday, September 24 2014

Baptism Gifts - How to Select One
By Joyce Kreger

There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect Baptism gift to celebrate this very special day.

Gifts of Faith
This would include any item that commemorates the religious significance of the baptism including: a personalized tile, a baptism bracelet with the baby's name, a custom keepsake box, a baby rosary, a blessing plaque to be placed on the baby's wall, a book of prayers, a personalized photo album or picture frame or any other item that serves as a reminder of this important day.
Gifts of the Heart and Hands
Anything handmade will be appreciated. Quilted or knitted baby blankets, scrapbook albums and gift baskets are always a welcomed gift.
Gifts of Time
This is the perfect gift for anyone on a budget. Parents, especially mothers, always appreciate a helping hand. This could mean offering anything from babysitting and laundry help, to shopping and preparing meals. Simply create a homemade coupon with the details of your gift and include it in a lovely card.
Gifts of the Future
A gift of a savings bond, check, or a contribution to the child's college fund is always appreciated. 
Gifts of Growth
A gift of a small tree or a beautiful perennial plant such as a rose bush is a unique and sentimental gift. And one that will be enjoyed season after season.
Gifts of the Soul
A thoughtful gift is a letter to the child and/or the parents stating what this day means to you in terms of your love and friendship for them and your hopes for their future. Your letter will be a meaningful keepsake from their special day.
Cool Party Favors - Copyright 2009

Joyce Kreger is a party planning consultant specializing in religious receptions and she recommends these Baptism Favors

Article Source:
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Tuesday, September 23 2014

What Is the Difference Between a Christening & A Blessing?

By Rose Sartaguda, eHow Contributor

A Baptism is performed in a church.

A blessing is a simple ritual usually done at home or in a hospital by the father or the parents of newborn infants, usually in life-threatening situations and cannot be brought yet to church for baptism. Here, the parent says a prayer of blessing, dedicating the child to the Lord, sprinkling her with water, and lifting her up to the Lord. On the other hand, Christening, or more officially known as the Sacrament of Baptism, is the first of seven sacraments which Catholic Christians must partake of. Through baptism, a person becomes a child of God and coheir with Christ. It removes all traces of original sin and is believed to be a channel for many graces and virtues.

Removal of Original Sin

Christians believe we inherit by birth original sin from our ancestor Adam, the first man who sinned against the Lord. According to, "The Sacrament of Baptism gives the person a new life through Jesus. It brings the person back to God."

Coheirs with Jesus's Instruction on Infant Baptism states that, "Infants should receive 'as soon as is convenient' (quam primum commode) the sacrament (of baptism), 'through which they are rescued from the devil's power and adopted as God's children.'" As children of God, Christians believe they share in the gift of eternal salvation, which Jesus has won for his people, his brothers and sisters.

Receiving Spiritual Gifts

To be baptized in the Catholic Church means more than being sprinkled with holy water and given a Christian name. In it, the Holy Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) bestows upon the Christian many spiritual graces and virtues. Spiritual gifts are necessary, Catholics believe, for living the Christian faith and growing in perfect charity.

Set Apart

According to, "When a person is baptized, he is devoted to God." He is set apart from the world, from worldly pursuits and desires. He is a new creature, consecrated to the Lord forever, taking part in the mission of the church.

Disciples in Mission

As part of the Body of Christ, church-baptized Christians are expected to actively work for the mission of the church---to bring the good news of salvation to the world and help others return to God.'s Instruction on Infant Baptism further states that, "The Church must respond to the mission that Christ gave to the Apostles after His resurrection: 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit' (Matthew 28:18-19). Transmitting the faith and administering Baptism are closely linked in this command of the Lord, and they are an integral part of the Church's mission, which is universal and cannot cease to be universal."
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Tuesday, September 16 2014

Planning Your Baby's Christening

Written by Jeff Fain

A christening is an important event for both friends and family, so make sure you start your planning early to make this day special. Asking yourself these questions will you get started on the right foot.

When should your baby be christened?

Parents choose to christen their babies at different ages. Some christen infants who are only a few weeks or months old. Some parents choose to christen children when they are toddlers, and adults in their sixties have even been christened! It's best to discuss this matter with your local priest or minister before you decide.

How should your baby be christened?

There are three major methods by which children are christened. Generally, the christening ceremony will be performed by your family's priest or minister. It can be done by pouring (affusion), sprinkling (aspersion), or immersion in a baptismal font. This really depends on your family's religious affiliation so don't sweat too much about whether you should do pouring or sprinkling. If you and your spouse come from different religious backgrounds, it's best to check with clergy on both sides to see if the christening ceremony differs significantly between them.

What should my baby wear?

The baby being christened usually wears a white or off-white christening gown made especially for the occasion. These gowns can be decorated with lace trim and delicate embroidery. The gown becomes a keepsake for many families and may be passed down for many babies to wear throughout several generations. The latest trend for baby boys is to dress them in a christening outfit that does not look as much like a dress. It includes a romper and vest but has the same style and type of detail that a christening gown does.

How do I choose christening invitations?

Traditional motifs for baby christening include decorative crosses, the christening gown or outfit, or the baptismal font. White is the way to go, as this color signifies the purity of the infant and is an important part of the christening ceremony. Choose christening invitations with gold or silver trim to add some color to the traditional white. Cute die-cuts of christening gowns or outfits are something different and will surely adorn your guests' fridges as the event approaches. The best christening invitations are simple and stick to the details of time, date, and location for the christening.

Should I host a party after the christening?

Couples usually choose to host a lunch or dinner after their baby's christening. When you're figuring out your guest list, be sure to figure out how many people you're willing to feed! Do you want a more intimate affair with close family and friends, or do you want to invite your entire extended family and all of your colleagues? Christening parties can be casual or fancy; it's all up to your personal style. Make sure to note the location of the meal on your christening invitations so guests know what to expect.

Article Source:
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Sunday, September 14 2014

Christening Invitations - Wording Examples


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the
Christening of their precious son

Brandon Boyd

5th August 2008 at 12.30pm

Christening at St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

Reception to follow at
Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

RSVP to 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Lisa and Travis Thompson would like you to join them
to celebrate the Christening of

Brandon Boyd

At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
on 5th August at 12.30pm

Afterwards at Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

RSVP: 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the Christening of their son

Brandon Boyd

Sunday 5th August 2008
12.30pm at St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

Reception to follow at Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

RSVP to 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Lisa and Travis Thompson would like you to join them
to celebrate the Christening of

Brandon Boyd

At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ on 5th August at 12.30pm

Afterwards at home 34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213

RSVP to the above address


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the Baptism of

Brandon Boyd

Sunday 5th August 2008 at 12.30pm
At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

Followed by a BBQ at our home
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Please join us for the Baptism of our son

Brandon Boyd

At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
On Sunday 5th August 2008 at 12.30pm

Followed by afternoon tea at our home

RSVP by 14th July 2008 to
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


Help us celebrate love and new life,
as we dedicate our son,
Brandon, to God
May the Lord give His angels
charge over you,
to guide you in all your ways
Psalm 91:11

Our baby is a blessing,
who is beautiful as can be.
Come help us welcome him
into God's family!


Lisa and Travis Thompson
request the pleasure of your company
at the christening of their son

Brandon Boyd

To be held at
St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
on Sunday 5th August at 12.30pm

And afterwards at their house

Please reply to
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213


 Lisa and Travis Thompson
would like to invite you
to join them at the christening of

Brandon Boyd

on Sunday 5th August at 12.30pm
At St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ

And to celebrate afterwards at their home

Please reply to
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213
By 30 July 2008


Lisa & Travis Thompson
Would like to invite you
to the Christening of their son

Brandon Boyd Thompson

on Sunday 5th August 2008
at 12.30pm
St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
and afterwards at
Carlton Hotel, 12 Ellis Road, Phoenix, AZ

34 Charles Place


Lisa and Travis Thompson invite you to the Christening of
Brandon Body
Sunday 5th August 2008 at 12.30pm
at St James’s Church, Phoenix, AZ
and afterwards at
34 Charles Place, Tempe, AZ 85213
for drinks and lunch to celebrate
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Friday, September 12 2014

Christening Etiquette for Godmothers
By Tamiya King, eHow Contributor

Being asked to be a godmother is a huge honor and is a wonderful way to bond with the newest baby in your family or circle of close friends. As the godmother, you should be aware of certain rules of etiquette, so the ceremony will be especially memorable.

Attending the Ceremony

  1. Godmothers are expected to attend the christening of their godchildren, even if they live out of town. It is best to make travel arrangements as far in advance as possible, as a godmother is usually aware of her role before the baby is born or shortly after the birth. Traditionally, two godmothers are chosen if the child is a girl, and both should be present for the ceremony if possible. If a godmother is not able to attend, it is acceptable etiquette to ask another woman who is close to the family to act as a stand-in for the christening. However, godmother "duties" are not transferred to the stand-in.

Standing with Family

  1. The godmother is expected to stand with the parents during the christening as a sign of support. It is common for the godmother to stand closest to the parents and the baby, while additional family members surround the infant. Some parents may choose to have the godmother stand during the part in the ceremony where the presiding member of clergy asks if the godmother is committed to caring for the child as her own if anything should happen to the infant's parents.

Holding the Baby

  1. Godmothers may have the privilege of holding the infant while the baby is being baptized or given his Biblical name. The godmother may also hold the child while the prayer or blessing is being said for the infant. It is also common for the godmother to hold the baby while the parents of the child are participating in other parts of the ceremony, such as repeating vows presented by the clergy.

Christening Readings

  1. The baby's parents may request that the godmother provide a reading that is dedicated to the infant at the christening. A short poem or heartfelt sentiment expressing the godmother's love for the child and commitment to providing support for the baby throughout life is appropriate. Godmothers can also read Bible verses or religious passages that reflects both the joy and seriousness of the occasion.

Christening Presents

  1. The godmother is often the woman who buys the most elaborate gift for the baby, especially if the child is female. In some cases, the godmother will have a hand in selecting the infant's christening outfit or will purchase the blanket or bonnet that the baby wears for the ceremony. Other gifts from the godmother are given after the christening and can include a crib or additional furniture for the nursery or a monetary gift, such as a significant contribution to the child's college fund.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Tuesday, September 09 2014

Great Christening and Baptism Keepsake Ideas
 by: Sara Haese

A baby’s christening or baptism is a very special occasion. It is the very first step in their spiritual life so there should be as many keepsakes of the day as possible. Since the baby won’t have any first-hand memories of this special day, it’s up to the parents, godparents and family members to create lasting memories for them.

There are always the popular items that make treasured keepsakes, but there are many other ideas that might get overlooked. For instance, are the invitations just for inviting guests to the celebration and providing all the important details? That is their main purpose, but saving just one of them to be framed or placed in a memory album/scrapbook will create a lasting souvenir of the occasion.

Here is a list of some more obvious and not-so-obvious items that make great baptism or christening keepsakes creating lifetime memories for the baby.

Gown or Outfit – Choosing heirloom quality fabric and taking the proper storage measures will help preserve the gown or outfit for future generations or just for a lasting remembrance.

Accessories such as shoes, socks, bib, blanket, bonnet, towel, headband, boutonniere - They all add an extra special touch to the gown or outfit and make great mementos.

Favors – These are perfect for showing appreciation to guests and giving them a take-home token. Many types of favors can be personalized.

Certificate – This is a great way to create a written record of the baptism or christening that can be framed and displayed.

Bracelet – What could be more precious and beautiful than a baby bracelet adorning the infant on her special day?

Personalized Gifts – These are normally items designed specifically for a christening or baptism such as a photo album, photo frame, Bible, cross plaque, doll, prayer bear, or candle. They are extra special because of the personalization.

Share of Stock with Framed Certificate – This is a gift that will educate and grow with the child throughout their life and the personalized frame will commemorate the date of their baptism or christening.

Godparents, in particular, should really consider giving their godchild a keepsake gift since part of their responsibility is to help the child grow in their spirituality. Since their baptism or christening is the beginning of their spiritual life, it should always be remembered. There are special godchild, goddaughter, and godson gifts available that can be personalized with the baby’s name and the date.

Keepsakes are a wonderful way to honor the memory of a baby’s christening or baptism through the years as they grow, both physically and spiritually.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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