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 Christening Blog   
Saturday, January 25 2014

Gifts for God Mothers

By Meredith Burgio, eHow Contributor

The role of a godmother is different depending on the expectations of the parents. Some parents choose a godmother for religious reasons such as being a spiritual mentor for their child. Others may want a godmother for their child in case something unfortunate were to happen. Either way, this role is important to the parents and often they will show their appreciation and gratitude through thoughtful gifts.

Photo Frames

  • Select a photo frame that can hold two photos. On one side you can place a picture of the godchild. Write a note or have the godchild write a note to the godmother and slip it into the other side of the frame. Make sure the note will be visible after you slip it into the frame. Another option for the second frame is to place a photo or copy of the baby's hand or footprints.

Charm Bracelets

  • Select just a few charms for a bracelet to begin with. At holidays or for birthdays the godchild can give her godmother another charm to add. The charms can be reminders of special events in the child's life. They can also represent memories shared between the godmother and godchild.


  • A dinner is a wonderful way to say thank you to your child's godmother. You can give her a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for her and her husband or for all of you to enjoy. Make reservations or give a gift certificate to your godmother's favorite restaurant.

Floral Arrangements

  • Send your child's godmother a floral arrangement as a thank you. To be more creative, consider sending a cookie bouquet or other edible arrangements. She will love to receive such a sweet token of appreciation. Have the godchild make a card for the bouquet. You and your spouse should also include a note thanking her for all that she is doing for your child.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Wednesday, January 22 2014

Christening Outfits: Knowing Your Options

Christening outfits are available in a wide array of styles and designs. They could range from simple and plain white gowns to more stylish and stunning gowns that are oftentimes accentuated with pearls and laces. For boys, the choices could be between simple and more traditional suits.

When it comes to shoes or booties, it is advisable to pick something that is soft and comfortable for the baby’s delicate little feet. Most booties come with soft elastic band and are oftentimes covered in silk ribbon to provide a better fit. Meanwhile, shoes often come in various decorations, the most common of which is a cross that is embroidered on the sole.

Shoes always come with socks so this item should not be left out as well. When choosing socks, make sure that they match perfectly well with the gown. Some socks for girls are trimmed with colorful laces and accented with pearls and satin ribbons, while white anklet socks for boys are oftentimes embroidered with special symbols such as a cross.

Hats and bonnets can also help complete a christening outfit. A baby’s head is extremely delicate, and to give them the best protection, have them wear beautifully-designed hats and bonnets. These accessories often come with an elastic band to give them a snug fit, so that they won’t easily fall off. These items, along with bibs, tights, blankets, bracelets and headbands for girls, all complete a christening outfit. Dressing up your babies in complete christening outfits will make them more lovely and adorable from head to toe.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Monday, January 20 2014

Christening Gifts for a Baby Girl

As a Christian, a christening or baptism is your baby's first initiation into the faith. It is also an opportunity for family and friends to join together and meet the new baby. It is traditional for attendees of a christening to bring gifts for the baby. Typically, these gifts are religious in nature and can be keepsakes that the child will cherish for life.

Personalized Bibles

Bibles are a traditional and appropriate way to celebrate a little girl's christening. Parents can read the Bible to the young baby, and when she's older, she can use the book herself. The Bible can be customized for an extra-special gift. Try gold-leafing the pages, inscribing the girl's name on the cover or binding the book in rich leather. Be sure to write a special note on the inside cover so that the little girl will always remember who gave her the gift.

Trinkets and Keepsakes

For a treasured gift that will last a lifetime, choose from a wide variety of Christian-themed trinkets and keepsakes. Jewelry is a beautiful option for little girls. Delicate gold crosses, monogrammed bracelets, rosaries or sweet, engraved lockets are a lasting way to celebrate the special day. Soft, cuddly items like blankets and teddy bears will be adored by the baby immediately and cherished for life. Customize these pieces by stitching or embroidering the child's name onto the blanket or bear. An ornate picture frame with a shot from the special day is also a lovely way to remember the christening.

Monetary Gifts

While trinkets and Bibles may be treasured, monetary gifts are always useful and can be a much appreciated contribution to the baby's future. Be sure to select an elegant greeting card in which to enclose your money. Many parents will have college funds or special savings accounts already set up for their child, so ask if there is a fund to which you can make a donation. Give as much as you are comfortable with and don't feel pressure to overspend, as christening gifts are simply a celebratory gesture from the heart
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Saturday, January 18 2014

Baby Boy’s Christening Gowns

Christening outfits for boys are available in a wide variety of patterns, sizes and designs. Sometimes the baby’s parents do not really know which christening gown to choose.

  • The main christening outfit for a baby boy is the baptism gown. Traditionally, the christening gown or the baptism gown is a long, formal white gown made from fabrics such as silk, organic cotton, soft gabardine, satin, organza, and so on. These gowns are gender neutral and could be worn by either a baby boy or a baby girl. The christening gown is usually worn by a baby who is not a toddler.
  • Another christening outfit for a toddler baby boy is the "Day Gown". This can be worn after the formal ceremony is over. This christening outfit is a short dress that reaches up to the knees. This outfit is more convenient when you pass the baby around your family and friends.
  • Today, many little boys are baptized in a two piece suit. This is fast becoming a popular christening outfit for boys. A baby suit for boys is the miniature version of a grown boy’s suit or a tuxedo. There is also a matching hat that is the part of this christening outfit.

Christening Outfits for Boys

Apart from gown, the other christening outfits for boys include the baby boy christening blankets and shawls, christening shoes made from white satin, christening bibs, christening towels and many more. The christening outfits for boys are made from fine fabric like silk, satin or organic cotton and wool. There are a wide variety of christening hats available to complete the christening outfits for boys.

Christening outfits for boys are mind-boggling. Parents are sometimes not able to make decision of what to buy. Christening outfits for boys are available in various budget strengths. Heirloom christening outfits for boys is available in many baby stores. Heirloom christening outfits such as gowns and shoes can be handed down to next generation.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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