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 Christening Blog   
Tuesday, October 30 2012
Baptist History

Where did the Baptists come from? Several theories are shown here but religions and interpretations are subject to change…Bible/God is the only One not changing!
When one takes a look at the Baptist that we have in our world today they would see that there are many different people that claim to be Baptist and each one has his or her belief system. Why is that, are we not supposed to be the body of Christ? Are we not supposed to be one in Him?

To understand why Baptist act the way they do today then we have to take a look at their history….just remember when you are studying Baptist history (or any history) the fact that history is interpreted by the one that writes it, so there are going to be various if not contradictory, interpretations.

Did you know that Baptist while they disagree on so many things, they don’t even know for sure where it is that they came from. Of course, there are many theories, one of them being the theory that Baptists come from English Separatism.

This is the theory states that the Separatist movement was an attempt to get away from the Church of England, which had attempted to get away from the Catholic Church, members of the Church of England who did not agree with the doctrine taught there could either leave or they could remain. Some of the people that remained but at the same time wanted to purify the church became known as Puritans.

It was in 1609 that we have the first record of the Baptist church; this church was established in Amsterdam by John Smyth, who was also the pastor, although later on Thomas Helwys took over the church as pastor. This church believed in the doctrine of Believers Baptism, and it was this doctrine that became the defining moment in the establishing of the Baptist church. It is this view on Baptist history that has the greatest historical facts behind it something that also makes it the most accepted theory on Baptist history.

The theories do not stop there though because there are several others one of them being the following:

The Anabaptist theory.

It is this theory that states the fact that Baptist originated from English Separatism, but it doesn’t end there, they go on to say that there would not have been an English Separatist movement if it wasn’t for the earlier Anabaptist. The Anabaptist and the Baptists have many things in common in their beliefs, for example; they both believe in religious liberty and the believer’s baptism, good things to believe in I assure you, but there were also things that the two denominations do not believe in, however, such as the sharing of earthly goods and the goodness of human nature (the Anabaptist) something that the Baptist are completely against. It is because of these differences that many people think that this theory has nothing solid to stand on, making it false.

You might think that it is strange for some people to believe something that has no proof to back it up, but if you think that is bad, well, just read our next theory.

There are some people (their number is growing) that believe that that Baptist’ faith and belief system, including the practices and doctrinal beliefs go back through time, through different churches all the way to the time of Christ…But that is not all, there are some people that insist on taking it ever farther then that. They believe that the Baptist church has existed in an unbroken line, through the ages all the way from the time of Christ and John the Baptist; a nickname for this theory is "Landmarkism" or the "Trail of Blood" theory. This theory goes even farther to state that the Baptist churches throughout time where all the churches that did not agree with the Roman Catholic Church, it did not matter if these churches called themselves Baptist or not or even if they had Baptist doctrine, according to the supporters of this theory, what made those churches Baptist was the fact that they did not like the Catholic Church.

As long as the believers in this world can not even make up their minds about something as simple as where they come from, then how are we going to be able to fulfill the Bible verse that states: "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another…" (Romans 12:5 KJV)
christening gowns, christening outfits
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Tuesday, October 23 2012

Christening Gift Ideas for a Godchild

By: Stacy D. Cooper, eHow Contibuter

As godparent, it will be your duty to assist in the spiritual upbringing of the child. But first the child needs to be introduced to the church community at his christening. Although not required, it is traditional for godparents to give their godchild a christening gift.

Christian Clothes

  • Give your godchild a christening gown or suit; it is useful and can easily be stored which makes it a great keepsake. There are long, white, sequin-speckled christening gowns with matching bonnets for girls and two-piece suits made up of vests, shorts, bow ties and caps for boys. Because christening clothes come in a variety of styles and are a memorable part of the day, consider asking your godchild's parents to accompany you when you purchase it.

Christian Comforts

  • Teach your godchild to seek comfort in Christ by giving her a lamb blanket that has her name and the date she was christened embroidered on it. She can snuggle with the blanket and you will have incorporated a subtle symbol of Christ in her daily life. Plus lambs are adorable creatures associated with purity and innocence.


  • You will be teaching your godchild about the Bible, so start your relationship off on the right note by gifting him with a personalized Bible. Sold in a multitude of colors, consider getting him a baby blue or white Bible which has his name printed on the cover. Write the date he was christened on the inside of the book, along with your promise to be the best godparent you can be.

Christian Duties

  • Help your godchild understand the value of money and the satisfaction found in assisting those in need with a silver-plated money bank. Whether you give your godson a tractor-, train- or frog-shaped bank or your goddaughter a Noah's ark- or baby carriage-shaped bank, it is vital that you teach the child how to divide its contents. The bank will set a foundation for future discussions about the percentages of her money she should save, tithe, donate to charity or spend.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Thursday, October 18 2012
Memorable Baptism and Christening Invitations
One could start to think outside the box by surprising everyone with an original and memorable baptism or christening invitation. Some of the ways in which one could do this is by taking toys or material objects that represent your baby or christenings, and create an invitation out of it.
 Using Items to their Full Potential
 Create a teddy bear invitation, with a mini-stuffed teddy bear. You could attach a ribbon or bow that is wrapped around its neck or stomach, and a rolled-up invitation attached. This is a simple yet excitingly different invitation for a most memorable occasion, and the bear itself can be kept for years to come as a useful bedtime friend.
Instead of using angel ornaments as decoration on your Christmas tree, you could modify them into a unique baptism or christening invitation. One could either make or buy angel ornaments and by using the same concept as the teddy bear invitation mentioned above, either attach the rolled up invite by a ribbon, or otherwise attach the angel onto it. However, a word of warning when creating these angels from scratch is that although it can be fun and interesting, you may be inviting 150 people to the event, and making 150 angels may turn from fun to fearsomely boring!
There is nothing wrong with sticking to the tried and tested and merely adapting the idea to suit your occasion better. For example, a cross as an object to accompany the invitation has been done before, often blue for the boys and pink for the girls. You can take this one step further, and have the main beam of the cross-engraved with the name or initials of the child to be baptized or christened. The similar concept of simplicity is found in the attaching of a pacifier to an invite, in the respective colors.
 Clothes are not only for wearing
 People have often used small doll-like clothing to accompany invitations in the same manner in which the above ornaments or bears have been used. However one is blessed with amazing technology everywhere, and today we are able to embroider the most incredible things onto small articles of clothing. So why not make the clothing itself the invite? Choose a dress for a little girl and shirt and pants (stitched together) for a little boy, for a sweet and small invitation. On these small items of clothing you can embroider all the relevant information that would commonly be found on the generic baptism or christening invite.
 One of the more popular ideas is to choose a photo of your baby and print the invitation on the reverse side, or have the text of the invitation superimposed over the image. This concept could be easily modified or expanded on by creating a 'frame' around the baby's photo, this can be a store-bought frame, or even one made at home using items such as doctor’s tongue depressors painted silver, gold, or any color you prefer. For a special touch, an engraved or stamped frame is one, which can be kept forever by the recipients.
If you have a talent for poetry, or simply a favorite poem, adding this to your invitations is a lovely way of injecting a personal touch. Superimpose the text over a black-and-white toned baby photo for a classic look. Finish it off with a ribbon or a tiny baby toy, and you have a simple, elegant invitation that is not at all time-consuming to put together. This is definitely an advantage if you are hosting a large event.
The Real Unique Invites
 Candles come in various shapes and sizes and these days you can even personalize candles. For example, you can have your invite molded inside a candle just below the surface. The great novelty about this is that you can personalize the invite first, with a picture or poem. The candle is then placed in the mold, and after it has been made, can be finished with a flower or ribbon.
And finally for the more extravagant, one could take the rattle concept a little further. It is customary in some cultures to give the child silver gifts, like a bracelet, cross and necklace or even a silver rattle. A mini silver finished rattle with the initials engraved would be a most striking and memorable invite for any baptism or christening.
These ideas could ensure you that your christening is going to be unique, creative and fun, thus making it memorable for not only you but also all who attend. There are many creative ways to create invitations for a Baptism or Christening but the most memorable are those that are hand crafted. These personalized invitations allow you have unique stationery that your guests may have not seen before.
christening gowns, christening outfits
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Tuesday, October 16 2012
What Items To Set In The Christening Gift Basket For Baby

Every gift basket is reserved for a collected presentation of different items that are aimed by the giver to provide to the primary receivers of the items of appreciation. Likely, different gifts are given depending on the occasion being celebrated at the time. For a christening occasion, it is expected that a gift basket would contain the most important items that the infant and its parents deserve to have.
If you are the giver of the said set of items, you are sure to have a current dilemma of what particular items should you actually include in the basket. To be well guided, the paragraphs that shall follow would give you a clearer vision of what should you actually add up in your gift basket.
Items to be Chosen for Christening Gift Basket for Baby
It is very important that the chosen items for the christening gift basket for baby are related to each other making the entire gift basket more applicable for the utilization of the receivers. Here are some choices of items that could be picked from by the sender of the basket:
Diapers and Baby Essentials [Baby Products Such as Powder and Baby Cologne]
This particular set of christening gift basket for baby shall indeed give the receivers a chance to use the said items for giving the child a comfortable feel.

Bath Basket [Baby Shampoo, Baby Bath Ducky, Baby Towel, Baby Bathrobe]
Bath essentials are indeed useful for keeping the baby clean, providing the items mentioned above for the caring of the child shall indeed give the chance for the receivers to give their child the right feel of freshness every after bath.
Baby Feeder Basket [Feeding Bottles, Baby Feeding Plate, Fork and Spoon, Baby Food Items, etc]:
This particular basket is supposed to make the christening gift basket for baby more applicable for the sake of nourishing the child. It should be observed by the giver at all times that the presentation of the christening gift basket for baby must not be overly crowded. Through choosing the right baby gift items for the receiver of the gift basket, you are sure to give the right kind of support to the newly christened baby and his parents.
Some gifts have a sentimental value, for they serve as a reminder of the giver's thoughtfulness. Certainly, with the right motive and the right choice of gift set items, gift baskets are sure to become a strong implication of the giver's care to the receivers of the gift.
christening gowns, christening outfits
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Thursday, October 11 2012
What is believer’s baptism by immersion? What is the purpose of it, since salvation is “by grace through faith” (Ephesians 2:8,9)?
Baptism by immersion is a representation of something which has already taken place in the heart of a person the moment he/she surrendered their life to Christ (1 Pet. 3:21). Baptism is the public acknowledgement of our death to self, burial, and resurrection of a new life we have found in Jesus Christ.
As a believer, we have been “crucified” (standing upright in water), we have been “buried” (immersed into the water), and we have been “resurrected into new life” (raised out of the water). This becomes a picture of a spiritual birth as defined in Rom. 6:3-5 and 1 Corinthians 12:13. It is the outward testimony of the believer’s inward faith. A sinner is saved the moment their faith is placed in the person of Jesus Christ. Baptism then, is a visible and public
testimony to that faith.
christening gowns, christening outfits
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Tuesday, October 09 2012

Making Memories

While you yourself may remember this day for years to come, your child, who is the star of the show after all, is unlikely to remember very much about it.  Below are some ideas on how to create a personal and lasting record of the event for your son or daughter to cherish for the rest of their life.


The most obvious way of recording the special day is through photographs or video. You may want to hire a photographer or videographer to make sure that the day is professionally captured or you may prefer to keep things less formal and take the photos or video yourselves.

One thing to remember is that you are likely to be otherwise occupied during the ceremony and for most of the reception so it might be wise to appoint a friend or grandparent as the official photographer to make sure that those key shots aren’t missed.
If you are planning on taking photos or shooting film during the ceremony then don’t forget to get permission from your priest or celebrant beforehand.

The beauty of digital photography is that you can now easily share photos using an online. Ask your guests to upload their photos of the event and choose the best from everyone’s snaps to create a really special album or scrapbook.

Some services such as Photobox can now create a professional book of your photos which saves you having to stick prints into a conventional album.

Guest Books

A really lovely memento of the special occasion is to have a guest book in which everyone writes a message for your child to read when he or she is older. 

A clever twist on this, bringing the guest book to life for your child, is to get your guests to take a Polaroid of themselves on the day and stick this in the album next to their message. If you or any of your guests is a dab hand with a camcorder, you could even get people to record a message and create a video guest book.

Memory/Trinket Boxes

Fill a special box with keepsakes from the event for your child to look at later . Bundle the christening cards together with ribbon and add in a list of gifts and who they were from. Keep an invitation, a thank you card and a dried flower from the decorations. If you had readings, speeches or special music, put a copy in the box along with any baptism certificate or naming ceremony script.  


Another way of marking the occasion is by planting a tree in the garden to grow with your child or making a donation to charity.
christening gowns, christening outfits

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Friday, October 05 2012

Where to Hold Your Baby’s Christening

Much like a wedding, a christening or naming ceremony isn’t just about the ceremony. It also includes a party – or reception – afterwards. It’s a chance to catch up with friends and for everyone to meet your baby. It can be a simple afternoon tea with cakes right through to a three-course sit down meal. The question is where to hold it?

For church ceremonies, it’s best to use a reception venue that’s easy to reach from the church, either by foot or car. Many people use their local church for the ceremony making their own home, local pub or restaurant obvious venues. But options like nearby hotels, golf clubs or even outdoor spaces like a beach or park could be used. The key is to make it close to the church so that guests don’t have to drive a great distance.

Naming ceremonies using a registrar usually need to be held in an approved venue. Very often these are hotels or golf clubs, which means the reception, can be held in the same place as the naming ceremony. If you’re not using a registrar, you can hold the ceremony and reception anywhere, including your own home. However, bear in mind that the celebrant might have to visit in advance to check for health and safety purposes.

Number of Guests… And Don’t Forget The Weather!

Who do you want to invite? Is this going to be a small family gathering with just your close friends? Or is it a chance for the entire extended family, neighbors, friends and baby group buddies to get together?

The number of guests you have will largely determine where to have it. Unless you have a very large house and garden, holding a reception at home for a big group is probably not a great idea. Equally, hiring a large reception hall for a handful of people to rattle around in will make the day feel awkward.

Find a space that fits the number of guests you’ll have. Don’t rule out restaurants, hotels or golf clubs if you have a small party – many of these venues have small, private dining or function rooms. Call around to get minimum and maximum capacities allowed. Equally, don’t think that just because you have a large party you can’t go to your local pub - you might be able to hire it out for the afternoon. But don’t expect to be able to squeeze a big group in comfortably while sharing it with regular Sunday lunch-goers.

If you’re holding a naming ceremony, consider whether the ceremony takes place in a separate area or if you’ll need to convert the space for the reception afterwards. And if you’re planning on holding the ceremony at home, think about using a marquee to expand the useable space into the garden.

Wherever you choose, remember the changeable weather. Do you have a wet weather back up plan and equally, do you have shade – particularly for older and very young guests – on a hot summer’s day? If you’re having it at home, do you have outdoor shading, rain cover and might you need heaters? If you’re using a venue, how far in advance do you need to let them know about a change of weather plan?
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Tuesday, October 02 2012

Choosing Unique Christening Favors

Your child's Christening is not only the first official step in his or her spiritual life, it is a meaningful day for you as a parent. There are details from big to small to be thought through from who will be the Godparents, to what Christening favors you'll select for the celebration. You can add a special touch to all aspects with some creative thought and in some cases, even asking for some help. To help you with one area that although small can bring a lovely touch to the day, consider these three ideas for Christening favors or use them for inspiration to select something just right for your special event.

Traditional Reflections of the Day since a Christening is a religious occasion, the traditional theme for a favor is something symbolic of your faith. Depending on budget and the type of celebration you are having there are many possibilities such as an edible cross shaped cookie, a dove candle, or an elegant rosary. All of these could be personalized with a photo or the baby's name and date of the Christening. If you are going to choose a knick-knack that will be a keepsake however, consider the possibility that not everyone who will be attending may share your same religion before using a traditional symbol such as a crucifix or rosary when selecting your Christening favors. However, if you know that all of your guests are of your faith, then this can be a very meaningful gesture to send people home with something that will have that significance for them, or even be useful, as well as being a memento of this special event.

The Godparents: Ask the Godparents if they would be willing to participate in the celebration by choosing something that represents this special event to them. Perhaps they are from Italian descent and would like to send guests home with a traditional Italian bomboniere of Jordan almonds and will say a few words about the significance of the favor and thank everyone for coming. This is not only a great way to take one item off of your planning list and delegate it, but it gets the Godparents more intimately involved in this special day in a personal way for them as well. Of course you would not expect them to pay for the Christening favors, but you would give them a budget to work within when suggesting ideas so that something too expensive is not chosen unexpectedly.

A Personal Touch: You can bring your family's personality into the day by using the Christening favor as a way to send people home with something that will remind them very specifically of not just the day, but of your family personally. If you and your family have a particular hobby or collect something special that people associate with you, this is something that might be nice to use when choosing your favor. For example, if you are a family that loves boating, giving guests a nautical themed favor will not only remind them of this time they spent with you, but of something important to your family life. Another variation of this is to use the theme you've selected for the baby's room décor to draw the connection of your guests to the child outside of just the event. All of these can again be personalized with the Christening date or a photo of your child to tie them in with the special day.

The important thing to remember is that when you send someone home with something from the Christening, you want it to be something to have them feel appreciated by your family for having spent this time with you on your special day. That is the true purpose of not only the Christening favor but of all event favors. With a little careful thought, your Christening favor can be more than just another trinket for guests to take home, but can be something meaningful for not only the family, but the guests as well.

About the Author:
Cheryl Salto loves helping to make celebrations personal and meaningful as the owner of specializing in providing an extensive online selection of Christening and other event favors at ) for life’s special celebrations.
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